What’s in my carry on when traveling?

My carry-on/in flight essentials:

What to Pack in Your Carry on Bag by Becca Robson

Flying is one of my favorite and also least favorite things to do lol.

I don’t love airplanes and I don’t love airports as I am not a fan of crowds and rushing around.

However, I do love that you can get on a plane and just unplug, cozy up, turn a show on, eat some snacks, work, catch up with a friend, emails or SLEEP! I typically can’t fall asleep on planes but I learned 1. If I’m tired enough I will pass out for sure but 2. If I make sure I have all my “at home comforts” I can feel more relaxed and that makes me feel good. Today I’ll be sharing what to pack in your carry on bag.

What to Pack in Your Carry on Bag

What to Pack in Your Carry on Bag by Becca Robson

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Becca is sharing her packing list

Eye Mask:

Block out the light and the surroundings to help put you right to sleep

Neck Pillow:

Keep my neck supported so I don’t have a kink in it by the time I land.


I am such a snacker and I always need my snacks on planes. My go to snacks are, pretzels with peanut butter, cheese its, and some kind of chocolate. I like to get to the airport early so I have time to purchase snacks and water before getting on the plane but if you know you typically don’t have time, pack some of your own snacks in your bag the night before.


Movies, Shows, work etc: PSA!! Make sure you download any and all shows the night before your trip while you have wifi, so you can be sure to watch them on the flight. You have bought shows but if they are on the cloud they require WIFI, so double check to make sure they are fully downloaded and can we watched offline


Listen to my movies, music, shows etc.

Face Mist: 

To keep my skin hydrated and fresh. Flying is hard on your skin and can dehydrate so while its important to drink alot of water, hydration mists can really help.

Hand Sanitizer:

because, GERMS.

Make up/Face/hand Wipes:

If it is a long flight I don’t wear any make up so I can keep my face clean and hydrated. I typically use a mist, toner and moisturizer on a long flight so you don’t want any make up on for that. Hand wipes are great for germs and to wipe down your seat, arm rest and tray table.


Always keep in my bag. I always try to chew gum at the end of the to help pop my ears from the pressure, the chewing motion can help release it.


Typically get blusters so I like to be prepared.

Advil/Vitamin C: 

Flying can make you sick so I always have my little vitamin bags. I always take Vitamin C when flying to help combat any colds that may be going around and advil for any headache or joint ache I may get

Hair Scrunchies

If I am trying to look good I will fly with my hair down and curled or straight, but when I am on the plane and have a long flight and want to sleep I don’t want my hair all over the place so I put it up. However, to avoid the crease I always use a silk hair scrunchy.

Peppermint Essential Oil/Lavender Essential Oil:

Peppermint Oil helps with headaches and Lavender helps with relaxing. If I have a little headache I will sniff the peppermint oil and it really helps. It also helps to sniff right before you land as it really makes me feel more awake. Lavender is very relaxing and you can put a few drops on your fingers and put behind your ears and on your temples!

Make up Bag:

Chapstick, lipstick, lip liner, foundation, beauty blender, setting powder, setting powder brush, brow pencil. (Those are my basics) That I always have for touch ups if I feel like it when getting off the plane. Although I don’t wear make up on the plane, I do fill my brows in, I feel so much more awake and honestly more put together even if just my brows are done!

Hair Brush

What to Pack in Your Carry on Bag

I hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and if you are traveling, I hope you arrive and depart safely!


What to Pack in Your Carry on Bag
love, becca

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