Ways to stay productive and positive at home!

Ways to stay productive and positive at home!

Ways to stay productive and positive at home

Ways to stay productive and positive at home

Ways to stay productive and positive at home


1. Create a morning routine:

Whether or not you are working from home during this time, creating somewhat of a routine is helpful to keep you and your mind busy. This also helps to create as much normalcy as possible.

a. Set your alarm (don’t press snooze).
b. You time:

Shower, go for a walk, drink coffee slowly, meditate, read articles, clean, whatever you like to do, do it. Whatever makes you feel awake and ready for a productive day. Take 20-30 minutes for yourself in the morning, I really feel this will help you take advantage of the day ahead. Before I do anything, I like to drink a tall glass of cold water then either run and grab a coffee or as of late, make coffee at home. Because I don’t have my car time running errands here and there, I take my coffee back to bed and simply sit and enjoy the quiet of the morning. I then enjoy a Spotify playlist in the background, online shop, read something that makes me happy, respond to DM’s, and then really plan my day.

2. Get ready for the day:

As hard as it is to get out of sweats when working from home/being home all day, getting ready, even just a little bit will help boost your energy and your mood.

a. Change into sweats or clothes you would run errands in!

We all have sweats we wear at home and then ones that are a little cuter we wouldn’t care being seen in public with or running out the door in. Getting ready for the day doesn’t mean putting jeans on (but if you want to – MORE POWER TO YOU) Just by changing into something other than pajamas, you feel a little more put together.

b. Brush your hair!

Comb through the knots and tame the frizz. For me doing my hair really makes me feel good, and an added bonus, combing your hair twice a day helps stimulate the hair follicles, which helps hair growth. I’d call that a win-win. I like to curl my hair or try a fun style in the morning because that makes me feel a little more put together, even more so than make-up. If you don’t want to style your hair, brush it out and put it behind your ears, try a low slicked back ponytail or bun, or even a high ponytail or bun are other great options that help make your hair look done and ready for the day.

c. Make Up!

I’m not saying put on a full face of make-up, and I’m not even saying put on a half face (haha), but by washing your face/doing your normal morning skin routine and applying a tinted moisturizer will help you feel refreshed. For me, I do my morning skin care routine then always just do my brows. As long as my brows are done, I feel great. That’s how simple it can be for you too.

3. WFH : Working From Home

a. Find a productive workspace:

If you have an office at home, use it. If you don’t, create a space in your home that is productive and away from distraction. Hint: NOT your bedroom lol.

b. Set work hours:

If your current job sets those for you, that is great, use those as a guideline. For someone like me whose job is primarily at home, making sure I set work hours is important so I can stay balanced and more productive but not to where I’m burnt out. I get up pretty early, so my workday begins early and ends around 3 everyday so I can play with my pups, and then go to the gym around 4, which now is at home haha. Because I love to cook dinner most nights, I get back to work in the kitchen or online around 6 or 7, which I don’t mind because I love doing it. But I love it more because I had taken those couple hours to unwind and do something for myself.

c. Schedule Breaks:

This is just as important as when you’re in your normal work schedule. Giving your mind, eyes, and body a break throughout the day is absolutely necessary. Stretch, get some fresh air, grab a snack, another cup of coffee, call a friend etc.

4. Get outside:

Having to stay home still means you can go on long walks outside, take a bike ride, or even laps around your driveway. Getting outside for fresh air and movement is important, especially during these times when everyone is a homebody.

5. Get moving:

One amazing thing is how many in-person workout studios are making everything at-home friendly now by steaming free workout videos or doing workouts on Lives, Instagram etc. That means there is so excuse not to get a little sweat in. It’s not just for your body, it is soo good for your mind and it really does lift your mood. Not to mention it takes some time out of the day, and let’s face it, I think we’re all looking for ways to pass the time.


1. Daily Gratitude:

Make a list of things you’re grateful for, like a list of all the incredible things you currently have and read it daily as a positive reminder. Put that list next to your bed as a reminder and read it every morning for when you wake up or every night before you go to bed.

2. Schedule FaceTime calls with family & friends:

Everyone has their own work and family obligations, however, now more than ever, scheduling time during the week to have that face to face interaction is so important. Nothing makes me happier than friends and family and having this to catch up daily(or as often as you like) on FaceTime has been really helpful and fun.

3. Laugh:

Find something that makes you laugh, whether it’s a show, movie, or even a MEME (which have never been funnier lol sorry to say). Whatever it is, laughter is the best way to stay positive 🙂

4. Try something new:

Discover a hobby at home, cooking, baking, a new hairstyle you didn’t have time to tackle before, a make-up look you wanted to perfect, gardening, or something as simple as starting a new show you’d never thought you’d watch. Switch it up and who knows, you might find your new forever hobby!

5. Switch it up:

While sticking with a schedule is great and routine is necessary, it doesn’t mean you can’t switch things up. Maybe do your workout in the morning versus the afternoon two or three days of the week. This will help to keep things exciting, especially if you get bored easily. 

6. Binge watch shows/movies:

Whether it’s a new show or an old show with tons of seasons, start at the beginning and relive the story.


Now more than ever the world is telling us all to take advantage of the chance to relax. Life is sooo busy and fast paced and I feel lucky I am primarily a homebody, but for all those who are constantly on the go, this is the best time to let your body rest – maybe go to bed earlier, take a nap or an extra-long bath. Relishing in a little bit of a slower time isn’t a bad thing, and right now we are kind of forced to, so embrace it. 

Ways to stay productive and positive at home

Thinking of you babes and hoping everyone is staying safe, healthy, and home!! Sending all my love always but a little extra during this time.

love, becca

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