Top Ten: My ten favorite and most used kitchen items

Top Ten Kitchen Items as seen here

My face doesnt look thrilled… ( I think I was trying to smize) haha but anyways inside I’M BEAMING because I’m leaning against what I think is my favorite thing in my whole kitchen.

My kitchen aid mixer is my pride and joy. 5 years ago I went on a trip to Sonoma, California. It was actually for a blogging retreat. As I was walking up and down the charming brick streets I walked until I found Williams Sonoma.

This wasn’t any Williams Sonoma, this was THE FIRST ever W.S. As I came across the sign I looked up and looking into the window, there it was, a COPPER kitchen aid mixer, it was like a unicorn haha. I had never before seen a kitchen aid in Copper and I remember thinking this is ME and this will go in my dream kitchen one day. Well, I looked at the price and sadly walked away haha a little out of my price range! However, this trip was in late October so I thought maybe I could ask Santa :]

Fast Forward a couple months to Christmas morning and to my surprise this little copper cutie was under the tree.


How I got the best item from the top Ten Kitchen Items, Santa!

Anyways I got a little off track going down memory lane but just had to share that back story.

I thought I would share my top ten favorite kitchen items/what items I use most.


  1. Kitchen Aid Mixer: A kitchen aid mixer isn’t just amazing for baking, it can also be used to roll pasta out. Simply add fun attachments to the top of it. It is versatile to use and a cute statement in the kitchen. I for sure think it’s my favorite item in my kitchen. It is also something I use often. Whether it’s making homemade chocolate chip cookies or whipping up homemade whipping cream, I love any excuse to turn on that mixer.


  1. Instant Pot: I cannot express enough how much I love this thing and how much you will use it. I use my Instant Pot at least twice a week. If you don’t have one you should run not walk to go out and get yourself one. Like a crock pot, it cooks your food in half the time if not a quarter of the time.


  1. Food Processor: Another item I use weekly. Whether it’s to make fresh hummus or pesto, sauces etc., it can do pretty much everything. A kitchen staple for me for sure.


  1. Large Sauté Pan: A deep skillet/ sauté pan is amazing for when you want to make a one pot meal. I usually make veggie pasta, or stir fry, in mine as well as breakfast scrambles, when I’m feeding a lot of people.


  1. Salt Cellar: Salt is the most used ingredient and is in pretty much every recipe. Having it out on the counter, and readily available when I need a pinch or a handful is nice. I particularly like the marble or wood ones from Williams Sonoma. They have a secure swivel lid to keep it fresh. Not to mention they look cute on top of the counter and that also matters. ;]


  1. Copper cooling rack: It doesn’t have to be copper but I try to have everything match. Funny thing about this item, I do use it a lot but not what you would think. As much as I wish I was baking cookies weekly, I actually use it a lot for cutting avocado. Ill post a link to my guacamole recipe where I show you how to do it. I use the cooling rack to mash avocados perfectly and it’s my favorite!!


  1. Lemon Squeezer: I use lemons or citrus in just about every recipe so this tool comes in very handy. That is because 1. I don’t want to get seeds in the recipe and 2. You get more juice from it.


  1. Sheet Pans: I roast a lot of veggies and like to bake a lot of things. I use a baking sheet almost daily. I love the large nonstick ones from Williams Sonoma.


  1. Serving Dishes: Large simple serving dishes are a staple in my kitchen. I am always hosting gatherings whether its large or small so having large platters on hand is helpful. I have lots of decorative ones but I think to start simple white or neutral colors are best.


  1. Linens: I love having friends over whether it’s for a casual dinner or a party and one thing that can elevate it slightly is casual linen napkins. I like to have a bunch of linen napkins on hand, it just a nice touch to add.

love, becca

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