Top 5 Coffee Shops in Phoenix

Top 5 Coffee Shops in Phoenix

a great cup of joe and pancakes and berries with a girl in a stripped outfit and a cute purse

Hi Babes! I am just so excited to share with you guys my love for things, and where I go to find them! If  you have not already noticed I have a LOVE for coffee! To me a great day doesn’t start without a great cup of coffee, and it truly is something that brightens my day! Aside from my mornings kisses from the babe, my morning wouldn’t be complete without me going to get morning cup of coffee!

I will make coffee at home sometimes but I love act of going out to get it! Getting in my car, turning on my favorite tunes, from country, to rap, to slow jams whatever mood I’m in that day I put on my favorite song and blast it all the way to the coffee shop! Right now I find myself liking and going back between country and Cardi B (specifically her song “I like it” )! I love waking up super early, especially sometimes when the sun isn’t out and driving on an empty road, clearing my head and setting the tone for the day! Knowing I am on my way to get my coffee I feel like a kid on Christmas morning! It has truly become a ritual to me and its my own form of meditation or de-stressing!

a breakfast spread of coffee, bacon, pancakes, berries, and maple syrup

Top 5 Coffee Shops In Phoenix:

Fàme Café:

The most darling little café in phoenix. The food and the coffee are delicious. Any place with marble tabletops on the patio is also a large attraction for me.

Go to coffee order: Hot almond milk latte

The Henry:

The décor and all around atmosphere of the henry makes it one of my favorite neighborhood spots. With all the hustle and bustle in the morning ( and actually all day ) its one of the coffee shops that hat its one coffee shop that makes me feel like I’m in a city. You can take your coffee and food to go or sit down and get some work done in their café area or outside on the patio

When its not 110 degrees in ARIZONA (FACE PALM)!

Go to coffee order: The Wildflower, HOT, with almond milk!

a girl tossing her hair around

a girl in a stripped outfit with a polka dot purse

LGO (Le Grande Orange):

Quick, easy, and always consistent! I find myself at LGO 3-5 times a week (LOL). Whether its for a quick curbside iced coffee or green tea and a kale salad. From breakfast, lunch to dinner I cant get enough of this place. Sunday morning curbside breakfast is also ALWAYS the way to go!

Go to Coffee order: Iced coffee! But when I am feeling a sweet splurge I get the honey latter OMG! SOOO GOOD!

Sip Coffee and Beer Garage:

Breakfast Burritos, Drive through and coffee! Was this place made for me? Why yes, yes it was! This local spot has 3 locations however too my luck I moved down the street from one of their newer and ONLY locations that offers a Drive Thru. Once again you can take your coffee to go or go in with your computer and get some work done in their cool space!
Go to Coffee order: Iced Coffee or their Chai latte (when I’m in a sweet mood)


This spot is more (downtown) Phoenix, but with its simple menu, great coffee and cozy ambiance, I really like this spot! They have 3 really good breakfast sandwiches all on English muffins that are YUM YUM YUM! The English muffin makes me feel like the sandwich is healthier!

one of the best places to eat in phoenix

I also love a good coffee date, or meeting up at a coffee shop so I wanted to share some of my favorite spots!

wear a stripped jacket and polka dot purse to coffee shops in phoenix

I am really into two piece/matching sets right now and this one is from Zara. The pants and matching jacket are currently no longer in stock but they have other striped options right now that Im loving! I also love pairing anything with a great graphic tee. So i’ll link some of my favorites at the bottom as well as this one is no longer available! I got this on Shopbop!

I would love to know, what your morning routine is or what you like to do to start your day, so If you care to share comment me below! :]

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love, becca

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