Tomato and Burrata Summer Salad

Tomato and Burrata Summer Salad

Tomato and Burrata Summer Salad | Cooking with Confetti

Tomato and Burrata Summer Salad

Trying to beat the heat seems impossible these days as the temperatures are a-risssinng, so I am always trying to stay hydrated and eat refreshing foods. Nothing is more refreshing to me than a tomato and burrata salad, with simple olive oil and balsamic, it just hits the spot.

This summer I thought I would elevate this simple salad and give it a little more depth with…

salty, spicy and even sweeter notes.

Because the heat is so draining it’s important to not only drink water but it helps if you’re eating foods with higher water content as well.

Keeping your water and electrolyte levels balanced are very important to staying hydrated and crucial for your bodies overall function. That’s where drinking water can sometimes only do so much.

(I intend to do a whole other post that goes more in depth on certain water and foods that can help balance your body and its electrolytes.)

 Adding watermelon to this salad adds another great water dense fruit to the dish and a sweetness factor that will help balance the heat I planned to sprinkle on top.

Tomato and Burrata Salad | Cooking with Confetti

With the sweetness factor down…

I of course then go right into a savory element with the burrata. I typically don’t like to eat a lot of creamy cheeses I go for more dry cheese if I am eating dairy, so I defiantly splurge on burrata. However, I feel like burrata is the lightest of creamy cheese if that makes sense. It’s very velvety and light, which is why I think it pairs perfectly with this salad because everything else is pretty light as well.

Tomato and Burrata Summer Salad |

Now the good stuff, all the yummy toppings. If I can add spice to a dish I will. I don’t want to overpower a delicate dish like this but I think it could handle hints of spice, like I said the sweetness will balance it out.

Tomato and Burrata Summer Salad | Cooking with Confetti

I am in love with serrano chilies right now.

They can be a little spicer than jalapeños but not by much and soo yummy. If you slice them as thin as you can it also helps lower spice intake per bite and you can sprinkle them around the top. I also think the green color is a great contrast against the red. Salads with contrast and different textures always plate better too. Thats why I also like to use yellow heirloom tomato’s as well as a red heirloom tomato to add more color to the dish.

 *heirloom tomatos are in season in the summer so make sure to eat them now over regular tomatos. I think they have more flavor and are much hearty than a vine tomato, roma or cherry tomatos etc. Great for this dish.

Tomato and Burrata Summer Salad

Lastly and certainly not least I chop up some basil, sprinkle it over the top and then finish the dish off with a drizzle of olive oil, drizzle of balsamic and a pinch of salt. This part is important because if you can you want to use a great olive oil, really good balsamic, and good sea salt, I promise you it makes all the difference.

See Salt

 I like a good California olive oil and a thicker balsamic for this dish.

I was recently introduced to a new brand of sea salt “SEE SALT” and it was so delicious I was then convinced good salt really does make all the difference. The packaging is also too cute, so of course I am now obsessed and have to it in my pantry. (I linked the brand of salt in the word “SEE SALT”, in case you want to try it.)

SEE SALT | Cooking with Confetti

brand of sea salt “SEE SALT”

I hope you all are enjoying your summer and are staying hydrated. Would love to know some of your summer salad favorites.

love, becca

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  1. I swear the three of us have the same taste buds. We LOVE burrata & balsamic glaze & heirloom tomatoes. And K literally just made the switch from jalapeños to serranos on all of our go-to jalepeño dishes.

    Can’t wait to make this!!

    xo, B&K

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