Summer Sets: matching pajamas for summer

Hello Babes!!

Matching sets are a staple in my closet for sure. Out of everything,  good matching sets are simply my favorite.  Sleeping in them, working out in them, traveling in them, etc,  I will take them all.

As summer is upon us I thought I would share what I am staying cozy and cute in all summer long. As it is officially time for me to put my long sleeve and heavier sets away I put together a list of cozy, cute yet COOL summer (pajama) sets to get you through the season.

Shopbop Summer Sets!

  1. light blue and white stripped pant set
  2. Green ( one of the most beautiful greens) silk short set 
  3. Daisy short set 
  4. Blue and white striped pant set- the perfect color and set for a festive Fourth of July getaway.
  5. Red and white striped short set, also perfect for a festive Fourth of July getaway. 
  6. Heart, heart, heart. Love this adorable short set.
  7. HOT pink short set.
  8. Grey stripped short set. 
  9. Light pink stars set.
  10. Peachy star set. 


I have linked all the outfits in the graphic below, so if you see a set you love and want to get it, check the number and you can click the description of that number above. In order not to go overboard on all the links, I linked either the bottom or the top of each set. However, once you are on the site it will say “wear it with” and you can click that to find the matching top or bottom :]

Happy Shopping!!

I will be living in some of these outfits all summer, because in AZ when it is 110, you never want to leave the house!

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love, becca

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