Summer Appetizer: Grilled Stone Fruits

Summer Appetizers! 

Grilled Stone Fruits

Grilled Stone Fruits

My first of many summer appetizer recipes coming to the blog.

Stone fruits are very ripe in the summer season and finding new ways to enjoy them is key. Summer is also grilling season and grilling fruit really helps bring out the sweetness in them, it also adds smokey flavor.

When grilling sweet you want to make sure you’re balancing the dish with salty and savory bites too. Adding prosciutto and pesto is a great way to enhance the salty flavor.

To enhance the sweetness I add honey and to round everything out I add some creamy burrata cheese.

Because after all everything is better with cheese.

Grilled Stone Fruits

Grilled Stone Fruits

Grilled Apricot and Peach Burrata Appetizer

Grilled Apricot and Peach Burrata Appetizer


3 white peaches

4 apricots

2 tbsp honey

jar of pesto

pine nuts


1 package of prosciutto


Step 1: Cut your peaches and apricots in half. Once cut, twist the two sides apart. You’ll notice the stone in the center of one side of the fruit. The stone needs to be removed before you grill it. Be careful, the stone can be hard to remove sometimes.

Step 2: On medium high heat, heat your griddle. If you have an outdoor grill heat up your grill.

Step 3: Add olive oil to your pan and once it starts to bubble add your fruit. Place your fruit skin side up and cook for 2 minutes, until you get the nice grill marks.

Step 4: Place peaches nicely around on your desired serving dish. And get started on plating the rest of the ingredients.

Step 5: Roll up pieces of the prosciutto and place throughout the dish.

Step 6: Grab your pest and burrata. With a spoon first spoon out the burrata, then spoon out your pesto. I like to place the pesto on top of the burrata.

Step 7: Drizzle honey all over the dish.

Step 8: On the stove top, using a small pan, over medium low heat, heat up a handful of pine nuts. Toasting your pine nuts, enhance the flavor and brings out the nuttiness.

Step 9: Sprinkle the pine nuts all over.

Grilled Apricot and Peach Burrata Appetizer

Step 10: ENJOY!!

Not ready for the heat but ready to get this summer season started!

love, becca

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