Spices to always have in your pantry

Spice Cabinet Essentials

Spices to always have in your pantry

Spices to always have in your pantry

Spices to always have in your pantry

Spices to always have in your pantry

A question I often get asked, is what spices to buy at the grocery store if they are trying not to buy too many and or just wanting the basics to stock the pantry with.

This is a difficult question for me because I cook every day and think every spice is necessary LOL, and like to have every spice on hand.

However as I went through and really looked at what I cook most often or what I use most I narrowed it down to a pretty solid list.

To start pretty basic, two of the most essential spices to always have on hand areā€¦


Basic Spices:



Those two alone if you really want to stay pretty basic can flavor a dish pretty well. However to really fragrant a dish and bring it to life a little more, below are a few more essential spices I think everyone should have in there pantry or spice cabinet at all times.


Essential Spices:


Garlic Powder


Chili Powder

Curry Powder

Red Pepper Flake

Dried Oregano

All of these spices will really help you round out pretty much every cuisine and the perfect spice cabinet starter kit.

Something to also remember, spices like food and other items have a shelf life. Be sure to check the shelf life of the spices and set a reminder to switch them out. When spices go bad they just simply loose flavor. It’s not bad to use an expired spice. However, it won’t flavor your dish as well.


love, becca

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