Room Reveal #3: Closet

My Master Closet Reveal

master closet reveal

master closet reveal

Like the rest of the house I wanted my closet to be light and bright, so I chose white tones with bigger windows to help natural light shine in and to let the clothes do the talking. I wanted the clothes to really pop and I wanted to create a space I could also go, hang out in and feel like I was in my own little sanctuary. I feel like I accomplished that with a few key things, organization, personal items, and fresh flowers and scents.

master closet reveal

Closet Details:

master closet

  • For the cabinetry in my space I used melamine which is on the cheaper end when building a closet out because as my mom said If you add crown molding you can make a look for less look a lot more elegant. The cabinet company Kitchen Southwest here in AZ that did my kitchen also did my closet.
  • On my island I chose the same material for the countertop as I did in the kitchen which was white Quartz.
  • For my drapes I used a company called Macs Custom Drapery, because with the odd shape and size of my windows, I needed the drapes to be custom verses buying stand-alone drapes like I did throughout the rest of house. I went with an off white drape that had a little floral design work throughout  so in the day if the light hit you could see the detail.
  • Lightening: I did a couple can lights and then a little feminine floral Chandelier which I ordered on Anthropologie. My exact one is unfortunately sold out but i will link in the shopping below two similar ones.
  • Hardware: I love Anthropologie for knobs and fun cabinet hardware so I find a lot from the site. Mine are still in stock, and one thing to note they are bigger in real life then what the look like online, so make sure to double check and measure.

master closet reveal


I am not the most organized when it comes to my closet and my belongings…I will be the first to admit that, so finding someone to help me with that was important. Thankfully my good friend Ashley is the organizing queen and she so graciously came to my rescue.

Ashley is actually the founder and creator of O.C.D “Organize Create, Design” a business for organizing and decluttering your home and honestly life, so if you are in need of some organizing she is your girl.

Having a home and a designated space for your items is key, however Ashley takes it a step further and really tries to create a story within your space. She walks through how you go through your day, what goes together, what you wear most etc and I think that truly is the special touch and the icing on top of your organizing dreams.

For me when I open my closet door I wanted to see my fun dresses, and blouses etc with all the color and patterns so as you walk in that’s what you see first.

Left Side:

Right when you open the door to the left are my fun dresses hung up, followed by my blouses and nicer tops on the top rack, all colored coordinated…( which is my favorite part.)

I used clear hangers for my cute and fun dresses because I feel like it added some elegance. Clear hangers are pricey so I used them for that one specific section only.

On the bottom rack she displays my jeans and pants as I wear my blouses and tops with the pants so it’s the perfect pairing. From lighter wash to darker wash the jeans are all hung on white pant hangers. If you have too many jeans for the space, the pant hangers are wide enough to hold two pairs of jeans folded over.

Next of course, the shoes. I love shoes but I feel like I love clothes more so thankfully shoes didn’t take up too much space in my closet because I found I needed lots of room for my clothes. Of course, the shoes are color coordinated and nicely displayed while also leaving some out to display elsewhere to help create that story concept.

Ashley put bags and shoes that matched and displayed them together throughout the closet. I loved this idea because I also feel like it broke up the closet space by having shelves more open.

TIP: For displaying the bigger bags with the shoes she stuffed the bags with tissue paper or dust bags that I had, so the bag stands up straight to create that department store feel.

Tip: For displaying other bags and to save room if you don’t have a lot of shelve space, using shelve dividers is great and stacking your purses side by side saves lots of room.

master closet reveal

master closet reveal


closet room

Right Side:

Making our way to the right side of the closet you pass my larger windows that I hope to add a bench or window seat too eventually.

On the right side of the closet I display my sneakers. I wear sneakers I think more than any other shoe so I took up a whole section with just that. I also love how she displays the colors creating a sort of Ombre of rainbow coloring here.

On the other side she added more boots but halfway up my intended shoe shelves we decided to display my matching sets. Matching sets are for sure my most favorite thing so I wanted to have them displayed. Ashley suggested displaying the pairs I wear and grab most often to make them easily accessible. The rest of my sets are folded in my island and out in the dresser in my bedroom.

Next, I originally had upper and lower shelving just like the other side however I am big on open space and room to breathe, where nothing feels to crowded so I took out the upper rack and added a mirror and some personal items.

This space also acts as another vanity, where I find myself bringing a chair next to, doing my makeup, talking on the phone, replying to emails etc and it feels like my own girl cave.


I never thought to do this in my closet but Ashley recommended getting designer coffee table books to continue with that homey feel and create height and dimension to display things on such as shoes, or flowers and candles etc.

That day I went on amazon and overnighted some of the most darling books and I really feel like it has made all the difference.

The mirror is another great way to open the room up as it makes the space appear wider while also reflecting the pretty clothes.

Below I have all my graphic tees displayed because I wear those the most and I love that she hung them so they are easier for me to put back. Folding isn’t my strong suit so the more I can hang the better lol

Then following that, I have lighter to heavier jackets and above are lighter sweaters and jackets

Moving to the next section because apparently I have an obsession with jean dresses and jumpsuits so she created a space for all them together which flowed nicely from shorter dresses to jumpsuit, to skirts, and then nicer and longer dresses.

Above in the upper shelves are my sweaters which she of course has color coordinated and that to me is what dreams are made of lol.




room reveal

master closet reveal



master closet


folded clothes

My Island:

I always dreamed of having an island where I could display flowers but also have more space for folding items.

On the front side of the island I did tons of drawers, some shorter and some deeper, where I keep my undergarments, workout clothes, pajamas etc and on the other side we decided that’s where I would display my hats and scarfs.

For Scarfs she uses the roll method so you can get the most in the basket as possible and for the hats stacking them on top of one another is a great way to showcase them and save space.

master closet reveal

master closet reveal

Personal Items:

If you have the space adding personal photos, fun books, jewelry boxes etc. adds a personal touch that always brings a space together and I think makes it more homey. I added some fun books from amazon that added fun pops of color and add height to the space.

Fresh Flowers/Scents:  

 If I could I would put flowers in every corner of my home, so adding them to my closet was also a must. Flowers make a space feel welcoming to me and I love the freshness it brings. Along with flowers adding candles not only for scent and freshness but for looks is also a fun way to add flare to your space. Diptyque has some really cute candles and sometimes have really cool limited-edition ones that are cute for looks.

I hope you enjoyed a little sneak peak behind the doors of my closet. If you have any questions or want to know more leave me a comment, DM on insta and I would be happy to answer. The last thing I wanted to close out with was the BEST organizing tip I got from Ashley.

It sounds so easy however it’s the most crucial part in keeping your closet exactly the way you found it.


It takes two seconds to do this and will keep your closet exactly how you left it, and leave your room without those dreaded piles that end up happening by the end of the week.

love, becca

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