Roasted Poblano and Corn Quesadilla

Roasted Poblano Chile, Corn and Zucchini Quesadilla!

Roasted Poblano and Corn Quesadilla

Summer Quesadilla comin in HOT!!

Roasted Poblano and Corn Quesadilla

Roasted Poblano and Corn Quesadilla

While trying to finish out summer strong by using what’s left of summers freshest produce I came up with this yummy, cheesy, fresh quesadilla recipe that will having you coming back for thirds.

Perfect for a warm summer night this dish pairs perfectly with my Roasted Tomatillo Salsa.

Roasted Poblano and Corn Quesadilla


tortillas- I buy larger fresh tortillas typically local.

2 corn on the cobs

2 poblano chilies

2 zucchinis – chopped

1 container of creamy cheese- I use laughing cow

1 block monetary jack cheese – grated yourself



Pre Heat your oven to 425 degrees
Step 1:

Over the stove, turn the burner on medium heat and charing one tortilla at a time, place one over the stove and char each side for 30 seconds. The tortilla is gonna cook in the skillet too but I think charring the tortilla adds extra flavor. I use 2 tortillas for one quesadilla so char as many tortillas for as many quesadillas you’ll be serving. Then set the tortillas on a plate.

Step 2:

On a baking sheet place your corn (husk removed),  poblano chilies and zucchini (which your quartered). Drizzle with olive oil then season with salt and pepper. Put in the oven to bake for 25-27 minutes until things have cooked and charred a bit.

Step 3:

Remove the pan and let cool for 5 minutes before handling the corn. Using a sharp knife take the corn off the cob and then chop your poblano peppers. I leave the seeds and membranes in for spice but if you don’t like spice, take those out. Place all the veggies together in a bowl and with a spoon mix together.

Step 4:

In a skillet over the stovetop on medium heat, add 2 tbsp of butter. While the butter melts, Spread one side of the tortilla with the laughing cow cheese. For instance, I used 2 triangles to get a nice thick even layer. Next, add 2 good spoon fulls of the veggies and spread around. Lastly add a handle of your shredded cheese on top and then take your second tortilla and cover it.

Step 5:

Put the quesadilla in the skillet and cook on one side for 2 minutes. Flip the quesadilla over and cook for another minute to 1 1/2 minutes.

Step 6:

Take your quesadilla out and cut it into 6 pieces (like a pizza.) and serve it up.

Step 7: ENJOY!!

Roasted Poblano and Corn Quesadilla

Quesadilla recipe

love, becca

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