red, white, and blue-berry chia seed pudding

Happy Thursday babes, I am getting ready to leave for Vegas tomorrow but was so excited to get this recipe up for you guys.

Berry & Coconut Chia Seed Pudding

Berry & Coconut Chia Seed Pudding - Cooking with Confetti

From overnight oats to chia seed pudding, I am all about dessert like foods for breakfast. Last year I really got into overnight oats and after eating that on and off every week I got a little tired of oatmeal for a while. After switching up my breakfast routine I did miss that sweetness and puddling like bite that overnight oats gave me.

I have known about chia seed pudding for a while.

I have tried it here and there but it just seemed bland to me….Then ChopShop (a restaurant in Arizona) opened up near my house and I tried their chia seed and granola pudding and I was hooked!! I never actually ate it with the granola on it but it also had berries and shredded coconut, it was pure heaven. The chia seed pudding part was soo rich, slightly crunch and creamy, it reminded me of sweet coconut tapioca pudding.

The sweetness and just how truly creamy it was, was amazing however with something that sweet and good I always want to make sure it isn’t loaded with sugar.

 So, whenever I feel that way I think why not try to recreate my own recipe at home so I know what I’m putting into it and I can control the sugar content.


Now this was not an easy recipe for me to create.

It took about 4 times for me to get it to my liking or to even get it firm and pudding like. Every time I looked up different recipes to try and get the basic rundown, I would put on my spin on it and it was a big fail. I think I got over excited to make big batches to have for the week I was adding WAY too many seeds and WAY too much liquid. When I say way too many seeds I mean for one recipe I did 1 cup of chia seeds to 4 cups of coconut milk…. don’t know what I was thinking, lol.

 Anyways I would get it all ready the night before and wake up the next morning running to the refrigerator eager to try it. The second I pulled it out I could tell it wasn’t right haha, everything and the liquid was sloshing back and forth against the Tupperware. Pudding is supposed to be firm, and maybe jiggle a little, not move swiftly side to side. Well I tasted it and the taste was pretty good but I obviously needed to work out my ratios. I tried this about 3 more times and then thought I needed to get a little more serious about what I was missing or doing to make it not thick, because I was unfortunately wasting a lot of precious chia seeds and milk.

Finally, I did a little more research…

I found coconut cream was a great thickening agent and has less than a gram of sugar. So I could add it to my chia seed pudding without adding much more sugar. (I’ll be getting into my Rheumatoid arthritis journey and lifestyle more soon. But cutting down on my sugars is extremely important for healing my RA. So I try to do it wherever and whenever I can).

I got the best tasting coconut cream from Trader Joe’s. The full-fat one not the reduced fat and I think it was the added touch I needed. Or maybe it was also that I reduced the coconut milk and chia seed ratio, But whatever the case my fourth attempt was a SUCCESS! SOO yummy!

chia seed pudding recipe - Cooking with Confetti


The best part about the chia seed pudding is you can eat it as is or add whatever breakfast bite you want to make it heartier.

Berries, Granola, shredded coconut, fruit, nuts, oats, almond butter, or all the above. So many options and different ways to take it.

chia seed pudding - Cooking with Confetti

For me I like a heartier breakfast to keep me energized and full throughout the morning. As I get up so early and don’t eat lunch until later. With fourth of July still on my mind I decided to still stay festive and do a red, white and (blue) BERRY coconut chia seed pudding. I plan to do more takes on my chia seed in the future :]

Chia Seed benefits:

  • contain lots of fiber which is good for digestion
  • high in protein
  • high in antioxidants
  • contain iron
  • contains calcium
  • best of all, contains no sugar

I hope you enjoy this recipe, and HAPPY ALMOST FRIDAY!! You made it to the end of the week :]

love, becca

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  1. Yes! We made it to Friday! And we are going to Whole Foods Saturday to get all the ingredients for this! Will let you know how it turns out 🙂 Yours look so delicious. It’s making me hungry now!

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