Pizookie Recipe: Halloween inspired


Pizookie Recipe

No other words really needed because the name speaks for itself, however this Halloween holiday I decided to add a little festiveness to the classic Pizookie treat. This Pizookie recipe is probably the easiest recipe I have posted on the blog this far.

easy Pizookie Recipe

Pizookie Recipe


Roll of sugar cookie dough-room temp

Reesce’s Pieces

White Chocolate Reeces

Pink Sprinkles


PreHeat 375 degrees

Step 1:

Chop the white chocolate Reesce’s into pieces

Step 2:

Take the sugar dough and push it into the skillet, then press the white chocolate Reeces and the Reeces pieces in the dough and then sprinkle the pink sprinkles on top.

Step 3:

Bake for 15-18 minutes- until the center is cooked through. (use a fork or toothpick, stick it through and if non of the dough sticks it is done.)

Pizookie Recipe for halloween

halloween Pizookie

Step 4: TOP WITH ICE CREAM…and dig in

This yummy treat is perfect for any party or gathering! If you make one using this Pizookie recipe, tag me and let me know :]

love, becca

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