Oven Baked Fajitas!

Fajita, Fajita!

Oven Baked Fajitas Recipe!

oven baked fajitas recipe

These easy and delicious baked fajitas are perfect to make for two of you or ten of you as it is so easy to double or triple this recipe.

Fajitas are a favorite meal for me because you can make it as healthy as you want or as un healthy as you want. Either way, they are DELICIOUS!!

The other day I wanted to avoid the stove top mess (ya know when the oil splatters and gets everywhere). So I decided to bake them this time. I have always wanted to do more one pot or one pan dishes. So I thought this would be a great dish to start with.

In my case because I did extra chicken and veggies for leftovers, I didn’t have a pan big enough for the veggies and the chicken all together.

Side note:

It is important to never overcrowd a pan as you want your food to cook evenly and all of the pieces to cook through.

Yes, I wanted it to be a one pot dish. But I’m not mad about how it turned out using two. I really feel like having the veggies in one and the chicken in another they cooked perfectly!

oven baked fajitas by Cooking With Confetti

With having too, I was also able to take the chicken out first… turn the oven on broil and really crisp the veggies a little more. There is nothing I love more than some really grilled onions and peppers…YUM!

an easy and healthy chicken recipe

an easy and healthy chicken recipe

Oven Baked Fajitas

For this Oven Baked Fajitas recipe, I really wanted beans but again wanted to go the healthier route. So I actually made beans from scratch in my instant pot. I posted the recipe for the beans in another post, “Instant Pot, Mixed Beans”. When making beans in the instant pot you can get dried beans and essentially avoided all the added sodium and preservatives you get from the cans!!

love, becca

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