One easy way to organize your refrigerator

One easy way to organize your refrigerator


Sundays are my favorite day. It’s the one morning Nathan and I get to sleep in together. So I love being able to totally relax with one another, not set an alarm and soak up our morning and afternoon! We typically make brunch at home or go out and then run errands for the next week! Our favorite errand is going to the grocery store! We love going together, going up and down every isle and truthfully, it’s best I go with him so 1. I don’t forget anything and 2. I don’t over spend on items we don’t need!

Unfortunately, I am not always lucky enough to do so. I go to the store every other day or every day on my own, and I am guaranteed to forget an item or buy an item or two of something we already have! (FACEPALM)

Buying items that we already have tends to be something I used to do a lot of because I either never looked in our fridge before leaving for the grocery store or even when I did I would do a glance over and not look hard enough because food was just everywhere!

One easy way to organize your refrigerator

With constantly running back and forth to the store, I didn’t want to waste time or money anymore so getting our fridge organized and keeping it organized was a goal of mine in 2018. In my head, I want a fridge that when you opened it, you were ready to be on an episode of “cribs”(cry laughing emoji).

All the water lined up perfectly.

The labels showing.

Condiments, vegetables, and cheese all have their own place…

You know all that good stuff!

 Well that’s how I picture my fridge but in reality, it was truly a disaster! I clean it out every week and organize it thinking this week will be different…but nope by next week (normally around Thursday) things are no longer in the right drawer, labels are all facing different directions and the butter is in the ketchup section, (again, face palm). Making it so much harder to see what foods I have and actually don’t need when I go to the store!

How To Organize Your Refrigerator - Cooking With Confetti

Refrigerator Drawer Labels

Introducing Home Sort:

Home Sort has made all my fridge organizing dreams come true. They helped me reach that 2018 goal!

Thanks to the wonderful world of Instagram I was introduced to “home sort”.  I followed the home sort for a while and loved their fridge and label inspiration! Every mess they touched, was suddenly organized.

Everything had a place.

More importantly and my favorite part, was everything had a label!! I love the idea of a label, because I feel like yes you have bins and drawers. You know everything is supposed to go in one bin or the other, but with a label you know exactly where the item is supposed to go! Might I add there labels are DARLING!!

Crazy enough after loving on their page, the beautiful ladies of “ home sort” reached out and sent me my very own custom fridge labels and I was OVER the moon! I couldn’t wait to put them on, I couldn’t wait for everything to have its place and be able to see everything in my fridge more clearly!

Refrigerator Labels

Refrigerator Drawer Labels

home sort labels

How To Organize Your Refrigerator With Home Sort:

The process is also pretty easy. You measure the outside of each drawer or space in your fridge you want labeled. Then you send them the measurements and the title you want of each space. By next week your fridge will be looking better than ever! The labels are easy to put on and I now love opening my fridge every day!

home sort labels

The trips to the to grocery store have become more efficient and less wasteful…
(music to  Nathans ears :])

I hope you guys are inspired to get more organized if you aren’t already and are enjoying your weekend!



love, becca

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