No Processed Sugar: Granola Bowl

No Processed Sugar: Granola Bowl Recipe by Cooking With Confetti

Happy Monday!!

I know, most people don’t care for Mondays, but Monday is actually my second favorite day of the week, the first being Sunday! We tend to get out of our normal routine on the weekends so I am always excited to get back to my healthy habits when Monday rolls around!

Because I live with an inflammatory disease, I have to make sure that even my splurges have their boundaries/limits. A big factor for reducing inflammation is reducing your sugar intake. So I am always looking for new ways to make the foods I love with ingredients that have less sugar (or no sugar at all)! Luckily, it has become a lot easier to find these alternatives in the grocery store and Im so grateful for that! You can make something that keeps the “processed sugar’ out and still have your dish taste just as yummy and sweet!

No Processed Sugar Granola Bowl Recipe

Starting my Monday off right means a big cup of coffee, and an early morning workout followed by a hearty breakfast! For breakfast I go between eating: a yogurt, granola, and berry bowl, a Vega chocolate protein shake with a side of Justin’s almond butter packet or eggs and avocado! I like to eat more in the morning so I’m full longer because I typically eat breakfast so early!

When I wasn’t watching my sugars as much, I would typically buy packaged granola, and greek yogurt. However, once I started to pay attention to labels, I realized how much sugar really was is in that stuff- YIKES… much more than I ever imagined!

After looking up and down every Whole Foods aisle and getting great recommendations from friends, I found so many good alternatives and came up with my own healthier version of yogurt and granola! Continue to read for  my  “no processed sugar, dairy free, granola bowls.” I promise they are so good you wont even miss the sugar.

No Processed Sugar: Granola Bowl

Berries, Coconut…

No Processed Sugar: Granola Bowl

Chia Seeds, oh my!

No Processed Sugar: Granola Bowl Topped With Chia Seeds


where to use flaxseeds

Almond milk yogurt…

No Processed Sugar: Granola Bowl Recipe with Almond Milk, Coconut, Berries, seeds, & more!

Granola & Cinnamon!

This bowl, is so nutrient rich, your body will thank you!

Granola Topped With Cinnamon

Some Nutrition Facts:

Walnuts:  anti-inflammatory with omega 3 fatty acids and super rich with antioxidants

Almonds: high in protein and great source of vitamin E and magnesium

Chia Seeds : good for digestive and heart health, has calcium to support strong bones, also high in antioxidants

Flaxseed: rich in dietary fiber, antioxidant

*these facts are only to name a few of the many amazing benefits they provide, and are the ones that I look for most!

where to use flaxseeds

I hope you all had a productive Monday and a great start to your week!

P.s: I typically make this bowl for breakfast, but when Im craving something sweet at night I make this for dinner!


love, becca

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  1. We truly LOVE yogurt bowls! But seriously, there is so much sugar in most yogurts & granola… it’s kind of surprising. CAN’T wait to make this one and try it out. Thanks for sharing!

    xo, Lydia

    1. Ahh I know I was so excited to find yogurt with no sugar! Im glad your excited to make it :] xo

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