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Becca Robson of Cooking With Confetti shares her morning skincare routine

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Health and wellness have become such an important part of my life. Especially in the last year. Which is one of the reasons I really felt the need to open my blog up to lifestyle. I have so much to share on this topic and its something I have become so passionate about.  I hope these beauty posts I plan to share excite you and inspire you to live your happiest and healthiest life.

With sooo many topics I cant wait to cover, I thought I would start with a lighter more fun topic. One I also get asked a lot about on social media!

I try every day to have a good routine down. From my workouts, to my eating, sleeping, and even my skin care routine. I believe self-care is a huge part of staying healthy. For me it truly is something that just makes me happy.

I look forward to my morning and night time skin routine like I do my morning cup of coffee. For this post I will stick to my morning routine. Next week I’ll give an update on my nighttime routine, so stay tuned!

Yellow super comfortable pajamas

But first, a little back story…

Granted it has taken me awhile to get a skin routine down, for many reasons. One because I wasn’t truly aware of it, and two I felt I didn’t have the time. What I mean by “ aware of it” is that I didn’t know how truly sticking to a routine is when you start to see results. Your skin isnt going to change over night, you have to take care of it and tend to it and if consistent you will see results! Like it did!

Growing up I felt very lucky. I never had horrible skin. I didn’t experience a ton of breakouts. For the most part I also had pretty even skin tone, etc.

As I got older, my skin started to change! UGH.

I was getting hormonal break outs more (always on my chin). My skin was at times becoming dry. The worst of all though, was that I noticed I was getting skin pigmentation above my upper lip! So annoying! Every week it seemed to get darker. I feel like I noticed it even more when I was trying to take a selfie video on Snapchat and I had a filter on. NOT even the filter could cover it up…. it was BAD ( FACE PALM emoji) haha.

I knew it was time to ask my girl Nikki (my facialist ) for suggestions, and find possible treatments to clear it up. Her go to was laser treatment for hyper pigmentation and or brightening serums. As I knew laser would be a quick fix, the thought of that freaked me out. Plus, there is always the potential of it not working or getting darker etc. So off I was on a hunt for brightening serums, and boy did I try a bunch!

Pulling your hair back to get started on your morning skincare routine

Wash your face with oil cleanser and warm water in the morning

Finally ( thank God! ), I was introduced to Tata Harper.

Let me just say that this is NOT a paid post or an ad. Honestly, I truly just love these products. They are products I love and can whole heartily recommend. I went to Citrine and bought two products, the brightening essence and the brightening serum. I used it every day exactly how they said and NO JOKE, within 5 days I saw a huge difference. One week later I had an appointment with Nikki. Without telling her anything she said:

“What have you been doing to your face? Your pigmentation is almost gone.”

I laughed and with a huge grin on my face told her about the products. It was then I knew I wasn’t just seeing things. Knowing I got results from this product I decided to sign up for a class Citrine offered with Tata herself to learn all about her skin care line and her regime. It wasn’t until this class and learning from my own consistency that I found a good routine is imperative for healthier skin. Granted there are so many other factors that play into having good skin ( i.e, eating habits, hormors etc) but being consistent with a good routine is how to get results!

Oil cleanser by Tata Harper for my morning skincare routine

Tata Harper Skincare Products I love

My Morning Beauty Routine:

In the morning right after I wake up:

Step 1:

I rinse my face with the oil cleaners and warm water. Then with a clean towel, I blot my face dry. Fun fact, when you mix oil and water dirt comes to the surface, so washing your face with an oil based cleanser can really help clean out your skin! Oil based cleansers and specially the Tata Harper one is great to help preserve skin hydration and really effectively remove your make up!

Step 2:

Apply the brighten essence. Its a liquid so I spritz some into my hand and gently rub it all over my face but try and go over my lip and chin area generously as those are my most pigmented areas! You can also use a floral essence but its important to add this step to enhance hydration in your skin.

Step 3:

Apply the brightening serum. As I have said before one of my face troubles was skin pigmentation and wanting to brighten up the darker spots so I use the brightening serum. Serums are an important part of your skin routine as it helps keep your skin looking radiant and minimize fine lines. You can use any serum you like, such as a moisturizing serum rejuvenating serum etc, but because I want extra brightness I used the brightening serum.

Step 4:

Apply eye cream. I use multiple eye creams and have switched it up but I love the Tata Harper restorative eye cream or the Fresh hydrating eye gel cream. So many wonderful eye creams out there I could probably do a separate post just on that, as its all preference!

Step 5:

Add a touch of the Reparative Moisturizer and then i either Apply my make up if I have a something to go to that day or I typically try not to wear make up!

Total Time: 6 minutes ( i literally timed myself one day)

This is my every day routine and sometimes it changes slightly depending on what more I need that day! If I have a photo-shoot or an event I wear eye patches. You can apply those right after you wash your face. So in between step 1 and step 2. This routine takes a little longer because I keep the eye patches on for 20 minutes.

Making time to do this everyday has truly helped my skin remain clearer, brighter and less dry for longer! 6 minutes is really no added time in your day if you think about!

I hope you have a wonderful day and happy cleansing :]

Stay on the look out for my night time routine posting next week to the blog!

Morning skincare routine beauty products

Yellow pajamas for my morning beauty routine


love, becca

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  1. Such a good post!! I have been wanting to change up my skin care. I’ve used the clarifying mask from Tata Harper and love it. I NEED to try that brightening essance !!!


    1. Aw thank you love! I love the brightening essence and know you cant go wrong with it :] I also love the clarifying mask, I feel like all of her products really cater to what you need and work!

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