My favorite denim brands!

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My Favorite Brands of Denim

Flowers, white tee and jeans

Aside from matching track suits or sweat sets, jeans and a white tee is for sure my go to outfit. It’s simple, cute, and you can always dress it up or down. I also just always feel so comfortable and confident in a good pair of jeans.

Jeans and white tee outfit

Jeans and white tee outfit

My Favorite Brands of Denim

Finding the right pair of jeans though can be hard. You want everything to hug in all the right places, flatter your figure, and fit tight but not too tight.

Every figure is so different and I find that so are all jean brands. The sizing, stretch, feel and look of denim differs from brand to brand.

I thought I would share with you guys some of my favorite jean brands and the ones that make me feel my best.

favorite brands of denim by cooking with confetti

Becca is sharing her favorite brands of denim

Becca is sharing her favorite brands of denim

White tee and Jeans outfit

brown sandals

  1. L’Agence:

    The high wasted jeans from this line really flatter my figure as I have curvy hips! The slight stretch also helps make sizing run true. I always stay clear from brands that are so tight I have to go up 2 or 3 sizes haha (tell me you can relate? )

  2. Frame:

    Honestly might be my favorite brand of jeans. I am wearing a pair of frame jeans in the photo, and unfortunately, they are an older pair, but I am sure they have similar ones online. One thing I love about frame is how many different styles they have and how amazing they fit. They too have a stretch to them that I can in fact go a size smaller in some of the pants sometimes game changer, honestly, I instantly feel good). However even with this stretch it still hugs you tight and can flatter your figure.

  3. AG jeans:

    A new obsession of mine. These jeans are TIGHT and although I sometimes walk around feeling like my pants could rip haha I feel like they make your legs look lean and really hold things in nicely for a slim look.

  4. 7 for All Mankind:

    Loving some of the styles they have recently. Really feminine and fun.

  5. J brand:

    Before Frame, J brand was my go to jean for sure. Similar fit with the stretch but definitely more structure.

    Side Note: Jeans can be an investment as they are pretty pricey, but a good pair of jeans can last you a long time. I have about three pairs of jeans that I rotate religiously and have had them for 2 years.

favorite brands of denim

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I hope all of you babes are enjoying your beautiful weekend!!

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love, becca

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