My Dining Room Reveal!

Be our guest, be our guest…

My Dining Room Reveal by Cooking With Confetti

Dining Room Reveal by Cooking With Confetti

THANK YOU ANTHROPOLGIE for making the wood table of my dreams.


This dining room gives me all the feels, and its exactly where I hope to hold and host dinners, birthdays, friends, family and all the holidays in between.

A dining room was important to me because I like to host a lot. Furthermore, I wanted a space that was a little more elevated than the rest of the house. I wanted it to feel more intimate and I also honestly just love the look of dining room and what it represents.

My Dining Room Reveal!

When creating the dining room, I always knew I wanted it to feel warm and romantic. Also, I always knew I wanted wallpaper and for it be the show piece of the room. Wallpaper however is a lot harder to figure out and select than I thought, because well, 1. It’s expensive to buy and put up and 2. Once it’s up, it’s kind of up there for a long time, so you have to really want to look at it every day, all day. After looking for months and not loving anything I decided to focus on decorating the room and hoping the wallpaper would speak to me after that.

My next focal point was the chandeliers. I came across this one pretty quickly and knew it was the one. It gives off the most perfect dim warm light and the texture and structure is just so cool, yet feminine to me (some call it a giant piñata), but hey that’s the fun in art, everyone has different interpretations.

Because my entire house is pretty much all white, I knew I wanted a wood table to create some contrast in the space because you can see the dining room from the rest of the house, as it is an open concept layout.

Table and Velvet Elowen Chairs from Anthropologie

Velvet Elowen Chairs from Anthropologie

My wallpaper is called "The Magnolia Mural"

Dining Room Reveal by Cooking With Confetti

THANK YOU ANTHROPOLGIE for making the wood table of my dreams.

I saw this table in one of their amazing fall catalogs a couple years ago and like the chandelier the second I saw it, I saw myself serving my guests at it and knew I had to have it. Lucky enough for me they also had these amazing velvet chairs to go with it. I just had to get the whole collection.

Once I set the scene, I re continued the search for wallpaper. I am sooo glad I waited! “ A New Wall had released honestly one of the chicest wallpapers I had ever laid my eyes on. The floral and branch detail really paired well with the wood table and all the pink tones played off the velvet chairs perfectly.

I still have a few more touches I want to add to the space to really complete the space however for now I am pretty content with how its turned out.

I  may want to add a rug, also might want to add a plant or some sort of small furniture piece but not exactly sure. So my plan is to enjoy it how it is and use the space until the next idea comes to me.

Something I have learned when decorating is PATIENCE is key.

Don’t buy just so you can have everything done when you move in…
Wait and buy pieces that speak to you, because the right piece is out there and you’ll know when you see it. I moved in 3 years ago and finished my dining room 6 months ago. I’m so glad I wasn’t impulsive.

Becca is wearing a leopard print dress

Becca is wearing a animal print dress

The dining room is officially open and I can’t wait to host!

*I tagged the wallpaper company over their name A new wall, and you can find my exact wall paper on site. My wallpaper is called “The Magnolia Mural”


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love, becca

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