Morning Smoothie Recipe

Good Morning Babes, Happy Tuesday!!

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, eggs, bacon, burritos, avocado, scrambles, pancakes, waffles, you name it I loveee it! However most mornings especially durning the week I try to eat clean and balanced. With so much going on, I need something quick and filling that will keep me, full and energized, especially post work out.

For that I turn to my morning smoothie.

Simple, yummy, and full of nutrients so you can start your morning off right!  Morning smoothie recipe by Cooking with Confetti

Simple Morning Smoothie Recipe



Berries - Morning smoothie recipe by Cooking with Confetti

Morning smoothie recipe by Cooking with Confetti

Chia - Morning smoothie recipe by Cooking with Confetti

Supergreens Powder

VEGA - One Shake

Vital Proteins - Collagen Peptides


Simple Morning smoothie recipe by Cooking with Confetti

Cinnamon Ground

Benefits of each Ingredient

Oats: Great source of fiber and a healthy gluten free carb that will keep you full and energized. They are also full of vitamins and antioxidants,

Blueberries: A superfood with lots of vitamins and antioxidants, helps with digestion and the most natural form of sugar.

Strawberries: Anti-Inflammatory, antioxidants, and can help boost your immune system.

Chia Seeds: Good source of protein, and helps digestion. Also helps keep you full

Almond Milk or Coconut Milk: Replaces dairy and good source of protein.

Water & Ice: Helps bind the ingredients

Plant Based Protein: Great fiber, and builds lean muscle and boosts energy

Super greens Powder: I am not one to put spinach, or kale or other veggies in my smoothie so I opt for the powder versions to at least get some of the benefits. Super greens helps

Collagen Powder: Helps support healthy bones, helps lubricate your joints ( this is important for me especially with my arthritis to keep my joints mobile). Helps with blood sugar, improves gut health and my favorite helps grow stronger hair and nails.

Cinnamon: Always top my smoothie with cinnamon. It helps with blood sugar and can help speed up your metabolism.

simple morning smoothie recipe

Side Note:

In the beginning of February, I started a 90-day challenge with some of my friends and let’s just say… I lasted 3 weeks before my one cheat meal a week turned into a whole cheat day, and then two cheat days in a row and a few other cookies here and there this past weekend haha. So, needless to say I fell off the bandwagon.

However, I have learned so much in just the last couple weeks that 1. Even if you fall off the bandwagon, keep going, achieving your goal is still possible. 2. Not to be hard on yourself, as allow yourself to enjoy special occasions and live in the moment 3. Set realistic goals. The more realistic you can be (while pushing yourself) will only encourage you to keep going. 4. Having a group of friends to keep you accountable or encourage you is so awesome. Find a couple friends, create a group chat and encourage each other to strive to be your best self-every day.

As long as your making even little changes daily they will eventually add up to big ones.  This I can attest to, as even in the 3 weeks of the little food changes and sticking to my consistent work outs I have seen changes in my body and the best part I feel good and feeling good is to me what matters most.


Cheers to setting goals, reaching goals, and growing along the way!

love, becca

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