How To Plan The Perfect Spring Brunch

How To Plan The Perfect Spring Brunch Hi loves!

Spring is slowlyyy springing in phoenix. With the mornings chilly but getting warmer throughout the day, I’m still not sure how to dress but pretending like it’s spring indoors. Currently sitting on the couch and watching one of my favorite shows, spring baking champion.

If spring isn’t ready to come out yet I will just have to create it!

This time of year is just so exciting to me. With new flowers coming to bloom, switching out cold and cozy, heavy outwear for fun and frilly floral dresses, to Easter, I love it all! With Easter soo early in the month I feel like I’m going to need to plan Easter/spring inspired brunches going through the end of April to keep the celebration going!How To Plan The Perfect Spring Brunch


How To Plan The Perfect Spring Brunch

Start With The Theme:

When planning any gathering, whether it’s a small brunch or a larger party, I always start by thinking of a theme. From the colors of the season, to the characters, the napkin designs, etc. I do a little research and find something that catches my eye and plan the party around it! With it being the first brunch of the season, I knew I wanted it to be fresh and full of blooms as that’s how I feel this time of year.

I typically spend a couple days searching before I settle on anything. This time, two days into my search I came across these plates from Anthropologie and that was it! They captured everything I wanted in one plate. So I knew then that’s what I wanted to plan my brunch around. They are fresh, they have blooms and they had all the colors of spring and with such a soft feminine pallet.


Once I have my theme, I start planning the other details. So I’ll get to work on decor. I chose this glassware because of the blue in the plates. Then I chose the napkins to bring out the yellow. I also love the gingham because it added another print/texture to the table! Personally, I think contrast can be fun if done right and gingham is also very popular for spring right now! I got the napkins from Pottery Barn. Not gonna lie, I think I might do an entire brunch just with there gingham collection. It is just too darn cute!How To Plan The Perfect Spring BrunchHow To Plan The Perfect Spring Brunch

Always Add Flowers:

For the Flowers, I looked at what colors were left and went with purple and pink tones, and hints of green. I found these amazing tulip magnolia branches at my local flower shop and I just had to have them. The branch made for such an earthy feel and the colors of the magnolia were stunning… a mixture of light and dark pink, a hint of purple and white! Next, I thought pairing it with simple lavender roses and white tulips tie in the white and green would be perfect! Because the magnolia were so whimsical and looked like they grew off the side I decided to spill the tulips to the opposite side to give a pretty overflow look. I then simply bunch the lavender roses together to fill the gap in the middle! And WA LA!! A beautiful centerpiece came to life!How To Plan The Perfect Spring BrunchHow To Plan The Perfect Spring Brunch

Food & Drinks:

Next I’ll focus on the food and drinks that will be served… you know all the good stuff ☺. For the food I decided to go with things that would be pretty to serve plus light and refreshing to eat! I ordered the entire matching set of plates, which included the pitcher, tea cups and salad plates. Even though I knew I was not planning to serve tea at this brunch, I wanted to find a way to still have cups on the table and use them! That’s when I thought a granola and yogurt cup would be perfect! The entire set up seemed a little French to me. So I went with my take on a simple French style brunch. I served pastries, fruits, a simple spring salad, and a baked egg dish, (I’m calling it an oven omelet)!

For drinks, I ordered these stunning blue steam wear glasses from Anthropologie. I put water in one and then sparkling pink lemonade in the other! You can obviously do champagne or rose, but I loved the pop of color the pink added through the blue glasses! To save some time in the kitchen I didn’t make the pastries. Instead I just went to my local bakery to buy them there! The rest of the brunch was also pretty easy to put together and not a lot of work in the kitchen. The only thing you needed to cook or make was the salad and egg bake. The rest you can buy from the store and simply put it together, like the berry and yogurt fruit bowl etc!How To Plan The Perfect Spring BrunchHow To Plan The Perfect Spring Brunchspring entertaining ideasspring entertaining ideasspring entertaining ideas

How To Choose Your Bring Brunch Outfit:

Lastly I knew I wanted to wear a white dress or something blue to tie it all together. Then I found this white dress from Zara and thought it would be perfect! I love the eyelets and the light floral print detail at the bottom. It is just the perfect amount of detail to add another feminine touch!

Now I hope you all feel inspired to host your own spring brunch!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to comment and ask me below!

Happy Spring and happy planning loves!!


love, becca

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