hot cocoa cookies

Hot Cocoa Cookies!!

hot cocoa cookies

hot cocoa cookies

Snuggling by the fire, strolling the neighborhood to look at all the Christmas lights or curled up on the couch to watch a Christmas movie classic?… none of this would be complete without hot cocoa in my opinion.

Nothing like celebrating and indulging in all the holiday festivities with a cup of cocoa in your hand. The smell of it, the marshmallows, chocolate, white chocolate or mint… it is Christmas joy in a cup.

I love finding other ways to incorporate my favorite holiday treats during the season which lead me to Hot Cocoa Cookies.

Super simple and easy, but extra delicious.

What you need:

Ingredients for Nestle Toll House Cookies – minus the chocolate chips

¼ cup Hersey Cocoa powder

2 X Large Hersey Bars

1 ½ Tsp Cinnamon

1 TbSp extra of Vanilla

1 Bag Marshmallows


Step 1:

Pre Heat the Oven to 375 degrees

Step 2:

In a Plastic Bag add the chocolate bars and with a heavy spoon smash the bar into little pieces.

Step 3:

In a small bowl add the Hersey chocolate pieces and ¼ cup of the flower for the cookie mixture. Adding flower to your chocolate chips and mixing them will help incorporate the chocolate pieces to the dough more evenly and keep them from all falling to the bottom.

Step 4:

In a Mixing Bowl mix together, all cookie ingredients. To this mixture add the extra vanilla, cinnamon, and cocoa powder.

Step 5:

On a cookie sheet create small to medium size balls and bake for 7 min

Step 6:

At minute 7 take the cookies out, turn the oven to broil, and add the marshmallows to the top of each cookies. Add anywhere from 3-5 marshmallows on top and put back in the oven for 1 min.

Step 7:

Take out of the oven and let rest for 10 min and ENJOY

hot cocoa cookies

hot cocoa cookies

Christmas cookies

Happy Holidays Babes!!

love, becca

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