Halloween Make up: Deer

Happy Halloween!!

I am not big on Halloween and I hate to admit but I’m not big on dressing up either, even though I love a good creative costume (just when other people do it haha.)

This year however we are headed to my aunts Halloween party in Colorado for her 60th birthday and she absolutely loves Halloween and is so excited to dress up so I wanted to get excited.

I looked up a ton of costumes and found the perfect one, especially because we will be in Colorado. This Costume is also very easy to create and that was a bonus!


Halloween Deer Make up

With so many Halloween deer make up options out their, I just chose one that looked cute but also easier. I found my inspo on Pintrest.

One thing I did differently was use more of a dewy/wet contour then a dry contour and I think the dry ones looks a littler cleaner for sure, which is why I am so happy I practiced this before the actual day, so I could tweak what I needed!

I also realized I did want to add a cute little deer headband just to tie the costume in together!

For most of the make up I got it all at Sephora, and already had alot of it. I just needed the lighter contour/concealer, which i got in a whitish tone.

I also had to buy eyeliner, because I never wear eyeliner, but I honestly might start. It was fun to play around with it and see how it gives your eye new shape. I used the eyeliner for the nose and lip area too so worked perfectly.

Halloween Deer Make up

Make up!!

products for Halloween Deer Make up


Halloween Deer Make up


Products used for Halloween Deer Make up:

Foundation the base all over the face

Contour stick dark areas cheek area, hair line, chin and jawline, nose

Lightest Concealer Number 10, under eyes, chin area, forehead

Eye Shadow brown and dark blush tones

Eyeliner deer nose, upper lip area, and eye lid and under eye

Mascara eyes

Lashes eyes

Brow Pencil Brows

Lip stick- Kylie Jenner brown lip kit- exposed 

If you want to do a dryer contour and face I was suggested the Too Faced pallet and I might try that for the day of it has all the colors in one Pallet.

I am no expert on make up but I asked some people who I know are on what I should get and this were some of what was recommended.

I hope your Halloween is Spooktacular babes!!!


love, becca

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