Girl Scout Cookie Milk Shake!


lemon shortbread cookie milkshake

lemon shortbread cookie milkshake

My lemon shortbread cookie milkshake is the perfect way to sweeten up your Valentine’s. Whether it’s that post-dinner treat or an afternoon snack your crush will enjoy every sip.

I love playing around with holiday foods and play on words to try to stay on theme, it makes it all more fun.

I’m a huge fan of lemon desserts and I feel like this will also be so refreshing come summertime when the citrus is extra fresh, the air is hot and ice cream is the only way to cool down.

With only 5 ingredients this shake is easy and delicious.

Lemon Shortbread Cookie Milkshake


4 ice cubes

1 pint of ice cream
1 lemon ( 1 tsp lemon zest, 1 tbsp lemon juice )

10 lemon cookies ( I used girl scout cookies- the lemon kind)

5 drops of red food coloring ( after all it is valentines day so adding a few drops of red can turn it into a darling pink tone


Step 1: Thaw your ice cream for 15 minutes

Step 2: Put all ingredients (except the food coloring) into the blender and blender up until smooth and creamy about 2 min

Step 3: Once blended add the food coloring and stir in with a spoon

Step 4:  Pour into desired glasses and top shake with one cookie ( crumbled )

lemon shortbread cookie milkshake

lemon shortbread cookie milkshake

I added a heart-shaped sparkler for more Valentine’s Day flare. Sparklers are always so fun especially if they match the theme.

love, becca

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