Gift Guide for the Homebody

Gift Guide: Homebody

Gift Guide for the Homebody

Don’t know what to get for your friend or loved one who would rather stay in then go out, well I rounded up 10 of my favorite things that bring me comfort at home.

This might also be my favorite gift guide because well… It’s the one I probably relate to the most as I am for sure a Homebody!

Gift Guide for the Homebody

Gift Guide for the Homebody

  1. Barefoot dreams

    The absolute coziest blanket I have ever felt in my entire life and there is nothing like it. If you are a true fan of Keeping up with the Kardashians you would have spotted this leopard babe on the arms of Koko K, as she never leaves home without it. Well after watching for years I finally wanted to pull the trigger to see what the hype was all about, and let me tell you it was the best gift I ever gave myself. It is on the pricey side but it’s a great investment.

  2. Cozy Robe

    Staying in to catch up on rest, work, or to binge some shows on Netflix? Nothing better than doing it in a cozy robe. I love a good robe but especially the ones from the Barefoot dreams brand… it feels just like the blanket too.

  3. Silk pillow case

    Nothing like a good night’s rest and these silk pillow cases I swear make me sleep that much better. They also help keep your hair less frizzy and are more gentle on the skin.

  4. Diffuser

    A diffuser can do so many things, it can help with air quality, and even help soothe ailments such as if you start to feel a cold coming on. Whether you need to relax or want to go to sleep there are so many scents/aromas to help with that. I feel like I live with a candle on in the living room and a diffuser on in my bedroom lol soo soothing to me and really helps create a spa environment at home.

  5. Cookbooks

    Whether you’re a cook or not a good cookbook can double as a fun and cute coffee table book and I sometimes love to sit home at home and go through them just to get inspired and if you love Chrissy Teigen her cookbook is one of my faves because its inspirational, funny and looks good on the coffee table.

  6. Kitchen Aid Mixer

    Always a great gift idea for your homebody babe.

  7. Water Heater/tea kettle

    I always love a good water heater as I am always making tea or hot coco at night and this one is so pretty it goes perfectly with my all-white décor. I go a little crazy for cute kitchen items that double as kitchen decor.

  8. Blue light glasses

    I can’t recommend these enough. Whether it’s staying home to get more work done or binging the shows, protecting your eyes from all that light is so important. Too much screen time can strain your eyes and these babes help block some of that for you.

  9. Coffee Machine

    Nothing like waking up in the morning and making that first cup of coffee, I really cherish that moment. My Nespresso machine is one of my favorites because it makes coffee, Nespresso and comes with a frother incase, you want to get extra fancy with your morning cup of joe.

  10. Popcorn Container

    Such a fun gift to give your favorite homebody. Nothing pairs better with a movie than popcorn and this darling container makes it that much sweeter. Butter or Sweet, for one or to share this container can hold it all and perfect for a movie night.

  11. Slippers

    (Not pictured) but I wanted to add because I live in cozy slippers…with being a homebody myself and always running around in the kitchen or the house and I like to have cozy slippers on hand to keep my feet warm. Not to mention I feel like slippers give my feet a little more support.



love, becca

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