Gift Guide for the Holiday Hostess

Tis the Season for Holiday Hosting!

Gift Guide for the Holiday Hostess

Lots of parties to attend this holiday season, but not sure what to gift the Hostess. I put together a list of thoughtful, fun and affordable options in this gift guide for the holiday hostess that will be sure to show your thankfulness to the host.

Gift Guide for the Holiday Hostess

Gifting Christmas Cheer for your Holiday Hostess:

1. Homemade Mistletoe

Mistletoe is one of those quintessential holiday items that most often is simply thought about but not always hung during the decorating process. With just a few fitting holiday branches, holly berries, and a little ribbon, you can create a mistletoe your host can use and enjoy.

Gift Guide for the Holiday Hostess


homemade mistletoe

Gift Guide for the Holiday Hostess

2. Hot Chocolate Mix in a Jar

Tis the season for getting full of hot cocoa (a treat that I cannot get enough of). And although hot cocoa is on my mind every day throughout the holiday season, I sometimes forget to pick some up at the store. If you know your host loves this warm treat, making them a jar full of cocoa powder, topping it with marshmallows, and sealing with a bow is the perfect gift for them to have on hand to enjoy and bring cheer all holiday season long!

3. Ornament

When you see a special ornament or small gift while holiday shopping, it’s always a sweet gesture to get your host an ornament that reminds them of something they love or even an ornament that reminds you of them. Whether it’s there favorite food, they date to something something or their favorite animal, you can never have enough sentimental ornaments and they will have it for all of the Christmases to come and keep the memories alive! Bonus: ornaments are on the cheaper side, so everyone is happy!

4. Holiday Cookie Cutters

I always love baking during the holiday season and finding one (or many) holiday-themed cookie cutters to gift is fun.

5. Candle

Never enough candles in my opinion. It is one of my favorite things to be gifted as a host. I light candles pretty much every day, so they run out quickly in my home. If you’re going to a friend’s house, try to pick up on the scents they like or remember scents they talk about. I think that is an added touch of thoughtfulness for the gift itself. Also, when gifting the candle, think about adding matches. There are so many cute options for matches nowadays and it is such an unexpected delight. Especially because I feel like matches can run out quickly so it’s always nice to have extra on hand!


6. Festive wine stopper

With lots of wine being served, not all the bottles get finished so gifting a wine stopper (holiday or not) can come in handy.


7. Bath Salts

Another inexpensive yet valuable gesture to encourage your host to relax after the holiday season.


8. Wine

I think almost everyone agrees that they can never have enough wine. With so many parties to attend, it always helps to have extra bottle on hand, whether it’s for the party or for the host to enjoy after the guests are gone.


9. Cozy socks

After a long day of hosting, I personally want to take a bath and get into my cozies. Cozy socks are inexpensive and, in my opinion, a sweet way of saying I appreciate your hard work and you deserve to get comfortable and put your feet up.


10. Flowers

Fresh flowers go a long way for me! I don’t know anyone who doesn’t smile when they receive some fresh, holiday-inspired flowers.

Gift Guide for the Holiday Hostess fresh flowers

A lot of the items, like wine, flowers, hot chocolate mix, etc can be bought at the store but for some of the other items, I thought I would list a few of my favorites below in a shoppable link.

love, becca

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