Galloween: a halloween party for your gals


Halloween party for your gals

Halloween party for your gals

Halloween treats

Halloween isn’t a favorite holiday of mine but I’m a gal that loves a celebration so I never rule it out. I like to decorate more fall-inspired then Halloween inspired but I always add touches of the Halloween holiday. However, if you’re anything like me and can do without all the fright, this kind of Halloween party is perfect for you!

Halloween Party For Your Gals

While still keeping on the Halloween trend by using ghosts, skulls and other festive icons, but switching up the color scheme and making them more sparkly vs spooky it can really change the mood.

Using brighter oranges or more pastel tones and throwing in sparkle also creates a more fun festive vibe vs. a freighting one.

I love a good play on words, and I always love to do a Galantines Day with my girls, which is what sparked my idea to do a Galloweens.

To keep things light and fun I thought hosting a movie night is the perfect way to catch up, eat some yummy treats, and throw on a Halloween movie classic.

  1. Hocus Pocus
  2. The great pumpkin, Charlie Brown
  3. Beetlejuice
  4. Ghostbusters
  5. Casper
  6. Adams Family
  7. Double Double Toil and Trouble- Marykate & Ashley
  8. Practical Magic
  9. Halloween
  10. Halloween Town- Disney

(This list is more my speed when it comes to the Halloween Classics…so if you’re looking for a spookier list, you won’t find that here lol)



Halloween party decor

pastel balloons - Halloween party for your gals

Obviously it was movie night but the color scheme still needed to be determined. I came across the pink and orange skull banner and that’s what inspired me for the rest of the Halloween party décor.

The Set Up/Decor:

When having a movie night whether its Halloween or not you want to make your space cozy and inviting and then because it’s a special occasion you want to make your space a little more extra and exciting by adding some fun touches.

First, I thought moving the coffee tables out of the living space and laying down blankets and pillows in front of the couch, not only creates more cozy sitting space for everyone it looks so inviting, and when your gals come in the house they will know its movie time.

Because most of the night we will be looking at the TV and watching the movie I thought adding some fall foliage was refreshing and then stringing some mini LED lights would really create a more magical movie night feel.

It might just be a movie night, but it’s a girl’s night after all, so you have to get EXTRA for your Gals. I thought adding a balloon arch over the fireplace where I will be placing the movie snacks and treats would add another fun element to the Halloween party night, and hey who doesn’t love a good balloon arch!

This one in particular I really liked because,

1. It didn’t take long to do, 2. You can make it the day before and it will last you over 24 hours. (Mine has lasted 4 days and still going strong, so you can really make it a couple days in advance if needed.)

I got the balloon kit off amazon and it recommended buying the electric blow up machine with it and I highly recommend doing that. It saved a lot of time and I really think that helped keep the balloons up for so long. For the Balloon arch, I also recommend asking a friend to help because it does take two people.

The Balloon colors were easy to choose after finding the skull banner because I thought I would mimic the colors in that and luckily enough came across so many balloon bundles from online and in local stores in AZ with the exact color scheme. I found my balloon package at Urbana in Phoenix but also similar ones online.

Meri Meri is one of my favorite online décor sights for all the fun little things like confetti, plates cups etc. They always have everything categorized by theme so it makes it pretty easy. I found the plates and the matching cups as well as some matching confetti and just like that the Halloween party was coming together.

What’s on the menu:

sparkly Halloween party for your gals

halloween party treats


Because it’s a movie night I just thought having more sweet and salty snacks is the way to go. Nothing to heavy, but a few different fun and on theme options.

Party Pop:

Popcorn with all the added fixens. I did kettle corn, with candy corn, chex mix, and Reece’s Pieces.

Ghosts… for my Boos’ ;] :

Get it hahha? I know corny but play on words is so much fun. I made rice krispy treats, cut them into rectangles and then dipped them into white chocolate and made them look like little ghosts. In addition, I added pink sprinkles though to incorporate the theme.


The easiest most delicious thing to make for a party and I don’t know what girl doesn’t love a Pizookie. To keep with the trend, sugar cookie dough, white chocolate Reece’s, Reece’s Pieces, and again pink sprinkles. I also had ice cream ready to go if anyone wanted to top off their piece.

More Candy:

I set a tray out of little candy bars and other candies just to grab in case you felt like some candy, after all what’s a movie night without ALL THE CANDY.


You can really serve whatever you and your friends drink, but the one thing I always make sure to have is variety. Some friends drink, some don’t so I always have water, sparkling water, lemonade, and diet coke in the fridge then rose or wine and a hot coco or tea option.

rice crispy treats - Halloween party for your gals


Games are always fun to do with your friends and it doesn’t have to be anything crazy but a few fun quick games always makes for a few good laughs. Their are so many games you can do, Halloween Bingo, Halloween trivia, This or That, and the list can go on.

I remember at our last Galloweens we played M.A.S.H… and it was the most fun thing, so playing off of that I came up with ” MONSTER MASH” to keep in theme, how fun right?

This is also so easy to create, you just need blank paper, some pens and you can create the outline for your friends, and they can fill in the rest or you can fill them all out.

To keep on theme though half of the answers would be real life people and the other half would be spooky Halloween characters :]

Halloween party for your gals

Would love to hear what your holiday/ Halloween traditions are and hope you feel inspired to host a gathering of your own.


Pumpkin Plates 


Balloon Pack

Skull Banner


Trick or Treat Banner 



love, becca

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