Galentines Day Entertaining


Galentines Day Entertaining

Galentines Day Entertaining

Galentines Day Entertaining

Valentine's Day Dessert Board

Whatever it is your celebrating, celebrate with love… and a lot of SUGAR doesn’t hurt.

I love that Galentines is becoming more of a thing. Whether you are single or in a relationship, any fun excuse to get your girlfriends together is THE BEST.

I always love a good theme and with February being all about hearts, kisses and hugs, XO’s, sugar lips, chocolate, flowers, conversation hearts and more, you can really go all out on theme.

For me, when a holiday has so many options, I always try to narrow in on a theme or what I want the party to look like. Then everything else falls around that.

Whether you love the color red and want to do all red balloons, red napkins, plates etc, or play on all things “roses and rose”, or “all pink everything” the possibilities of this holiday are endless and I AM HERE FOR IT!

This year I decided to go with a theme to highlight the OG of Valentines Day Candy:

“Conversation Hearts”

I started by scrolling the internet and of course like always AMAZON to the rescue. It sometimes takes a bit of searching but it is always worth it. And a little tip, narrowing down a theme you like helps narrow down your search.

I searched amazon for conversation heart décor and valentines décor and found darling banners, all that had different styles of conversation hearts and chose a few 1 styles (but ordered two) of my favorites to put around the house.

Within the search they also had the cutest conversation heart plastic cups which is perfect because this helps with clean up.

Lastly, I ordered tons of fun and on themed Valentine’s candy from amazon. Because the one thing I knew for sure was I wanted to create a Valentine’s Day Board for dessert.

Valentine’s Day boards have been so cute and I thought it would be so fun to create my own.

As for the rest of the décor, whenever I was out and about at stores I always made sure to check the Valentines Day section. And lucky enough for me my local stores really came through.

I found conversation heartwood 3D décor pieces, conversation heart napkins and plates and darling conversation heart cookies all from local boutiques.

With the décor set it was time to think about food. Because it was a girls game night I wanted the food to be fun and easy.

**An important rule of thumb with how much food to have/whether you should provide just snacks or if you need to do snacks and dinner is the start time of the party.

For me, most of my gals are mommy’s so earlier times are better and we started at 6:30.

Parties that start anywhere from 5-7 you should have a dinner option or something heartier then snacks because that’s typical dinner time hours.

If it’s past 7 you can likely get away with light-heavy snacking/ dessert.

Because game night is more laid back I wanted to do something more laid back with food.

Dinner: I did delivery Pizza and Salad  for dinner
Snacks: Charcutier board and veggie dip board.

Lastly, you CAN NOT forget about dessert. The only thing gals might love more than pizza is Chocolate/Candy.

So the star/ focus of the night was my Valentine’s Day Dessert Board.

Valentine’s Day Dessert Board

Valentine's Day Dessert Board

Valentine's Day Dessert Board

Valentine's Day Dessert Board

Valentine's Day Dessert Board

Valentine's Day Dessert Board

Valentine's Day Dessert Board

I began with finding  all the most fun and festive candy I could get ahold of. The grocery stores have a lot but again sometimes specialty candies or heart-shaped items can only be found online at places like Williams Sonoma, and Amazon or, at your local bakery.

Because Valentines is all about chocolate I for sure wanted to provide a good amount of chocolate but also wanted to add sweet and sour aspects.

From the top of the board I started with sour sweet then moved towards candy. Then on the bottom half, focused a little more of chocolate.

This is something you can have so much fun with and really take it in whatever direction you want.

I used the cute strawberry waver candy to create dimension by laying it on its side and even more so created an X with it. *on theme for HUG.

Then around the X I filled in the crevasses with sour straw candy and rolled them up so they looked like O’s.

Nothing says Valentines like XO’s

I hope whatever you did to celebrate you had fun and felt all the love.

love, becca

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