Fight the Flight: Skin Care

Fight the Flight: Skin Care

Fight the Flight Skin Care Routine

No matter what, my skin care routine is always at the top of my daily priorities and traveling is no exception… if anything, I’m even more mindful about my skin when I travel.

Travel alone can really be wearing & tearing on your skin especially when traveling to a cold place where the temps can make your skin drier than ever… double whammy.

I wanted to create a list of products I currently can’t travel without and what I put in my carry on for inflight use! I say currently because every couple months I find or try a new product that I love more than the last and switch it up. I’ll update you guys as the products change. For example, last winter I was only using Tata Harper products, but was recently introduced to Patyka and May Lindstrom and I am obsessed. So the last couple months I switched out some Tata Harper and I am loving the new products as well.

First and foremost, if it is possible, I try not to wear make-up on a flight, so before and during my flight I can hydrate and use products to protect my skin. Second, all of the products listed below are under the max fl. oz. for liquids so you can throw them in your bad and not worry about them getting taken away. I really don’t like having to transfer products from one container to another so that is really appealing to me when buying a product.

Disclaimer: the below pre & in-flight regimen is best for flights > 2 hours.

Pre-Flight: (morning of after I wash my face)

Patyka Anti-Pollution Hydra Defense:

This product oxygenates and helps to protect your skin from all that you encounter while traveling. I think of it has a little shield. This product also helps moisturize and detoxify your skin which of course is key. 

Tata Harper Concentrated Brightening Serum:

Miracle in a bottle is what I call it. This product has really helped with my hyperpigmentation and overall tone of my skin. If you are someone that already has some hyperpigmentation or sun spots use this every day and you will notice a huge result in a week.

Patkya Intense Moisturizing Mask:

Instantly soothes dry, dehydrated skin. I love how light weight this product feels because I can put it on and also put make-up on after and I feel like my skin is getting nourished and protected throughout the day!

Eminence Trile C+E Firming oil:

I massage my mask and then put oil on top and massage the oil into my skin after. This is one of my absolute favorite oils. It smells soo good and it truly nurioushes your skin

In-Flight: (towards the middle or end of the flight, one hour before landing)

May Lindstrom BLUE COCOON:

I put this is in all caps because I am beyond obsessed with this product. It is soo YUMMY, I look forward to putting it on my skin every day haha! It is soo hydrating while also helping with inflamed or irritated skin. I have a little bit of hyperpigmentation and it helps reduce that while really calming my skin down. I use this during a long flight and every night when I’m traveling. Once I wash my face I put it on before bed.

Tata Harper Boosted Contouring Eye Mask:

Amazing for those tired puffy eyes and helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Once I apply this I take my skin gym roller and use the smaller side to massage it into my skin.

Skin Gym:

An amazing tool for lymphatic drainage and de puffing of the face. You want to move the roller in upward and out ward motions towards your ears. Not only will this help to de puff from the flight it will really can help push your product into your skin.

Post-Flight: (that night)

Tata Harper Boosted Contouring Eye Mask:

Amazing for those tired puffy eyes and helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Once I apply this I take my skin gym roller and use the smaller side to massage it into my skin.

Patyka Advanced Plumping Serum:

This serum helps reduce those pesky, fine lines and wrinkles. It plumps and firms the skin so you look younger and more refreshed. I love to use this while I travel because my skin always looks tired when I get off a flight. Long travel days make you and your skin tired and maybe even stressed out. and when your skin is stressed it creates that puffiness and fine lines.

Eminence Facial Recovery Oil:

I really feel like this oil helps with everything and makes my skin feel SOO hydrated.

Again, these are all products I am loving for my travels and use before my flights and during my trip to ensure my skin is not stressed out. The products I use preflight I continue to use every morning, pre make up.

All of these products, except Eminence, I buy from
Citrine Natural Beauty Bar.

If you are not local to AZ and cant shop in the store they do have an online website. You can buy these name brands other places but Citrine always makes it so easy to shop and I really learn what I am using from them. I also love them because they sell only clean beauty products and I lovee that.

I will do another skin care post soon to share more about my skin care routine and other products I’ m using and  loving.

Side note: I know alot of these products are pricey but I believe in investing in your skin and I really do see results from these products.

love, becca

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