Classic Hummus Recipe

Hummus, with a little zesty-ness!

classic hummus recipe

Hummus is one thing I always try to have in my fridge, it’s such a great snack, or dip when you need a little something extra. It’s a great healthy dip alternative when having friends over and it really is such a basic that can be elevated into so many different things.  Today I’m sharing my classic hummus recipe and I can’t wait to share more recipes on how to elevate it.

Classic Hummus Recipe:


16 oz can chick peas

2 lemons – (1 ½ lemons juic4ed ) ( 1 tsp lemon zest )

½ tb sp salt

¼ cup water

2 cloves of garlic –(try to pick the largest ones in the pod or packet)

¼ cup tahini

1 tsp garlic powder

½ tsp white pepper

1 tb sp olive oil

hummus recipe


Step 1: In a food processor, add in all of the ingredients.

Step 2:  Pulse 4 times, then hold down puree for about 30 seconds. I like to puree 30 seconds then open the lid and stir then puree 30 seconds and stir. I puree for about 2 minutes because I like a really nice smooth consistency.

Step 3: Taste your hummus. If you want a little more lemon juice, squeeze in the last half of the lemon. If you want more salt, add a pinch, etc. Hummus is such a to taste recipe that its easy to add a little more of the ingredients if that is what you are feeling, but I have to say I think this recipe is pretty good as is. :]

classic hummus plating

I hope you babes are having a great week and are inspired to try making your own hummus at home. You see how easy it is and how much healthier it is if you make it yourself. It stays good in the fridge covered for about 5 days ( if you haven’t already eaten it all by day 2 or 3 like me haha).


love, becca

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