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My favorite time of year is finally here, and I have probably said that 100 times already and will probably say it 100 more, but I just CAN NOT get enough of the holiday season. I start the Christmas celebrations typically Nov 1st… the Christmas music is on, I start watching my Hallmark movies, I start rotating all my favorite and festive Christmas Jammies and joy is all around! There is nothing like the holiday spirit to me, it fills me up inside and brings me a since of nostalgia, hope, and childlike excitement that always reminds me to see the magic in everything.

Where I Shop For Christmas Jammies

Where I Shop For Christmas Jammies

Lil Claus Fiona Sweatshirt + Lil Claus Easy Sweatpants WILDFOX

It’s also a time of year that brings tradition!

Family traditions are very special to me, and I look forward to them year after year. One of the many traditions I loved growing up was one my parents created on Christmas Eve. Every Christmas Eve my mom would let us open one gift and the one gift was always our matching Christmas Pajamas so we could all wear them and have them on for Christmas morning. We would spend the entire day in our Christmas jammies as a family and it was just always the most magical time. To this day I love being in my pajamas and hanging with my family any and every day.

Where I Shop For Christmas Jammies

Becca is wearing Lil Claus Fiona Sweatshirt + Lil Claus Easy Sweatpants - WILDFOX

Becca is wearing Lil Claus Fiona Sweatshirt + Lil Claus Easy Sweatpants - WILDFOX

As we got older and had more of an opinion of what we wanted to wear , matching outfits were few and far between and sometimes not everyone wanted to wear their jammies but Christmas Jammies are something I have cherished year after year and something I look forward too and can’t wait to do with my own little family one day.

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However, nowadays I can’t wait until Christmas Eve to start wearing my favorite PJ’s. So, I typically buy one or two new sets early on each year, rotate them with my older sets and soak up Christmas as long as I can. I wear mine for about 2 full months. I always save my favorite pair for Christmas Eve, which I will then wear over to my parents’ house when I wake up and head over for Christmas morning. This year I think these little elf Santas are my favorite! It is also the most comfortable set and can be worn and bought separately if your not into matching sets.

Where I Shop For Christmas Jammies

I would love to know what your Christmas Traditions are and if any of you have a similar one. Also, I wanted to share with you where I buy my Christmas Jammies. In addition, some of my favorite ones from this year. :]

Time to get cozy!

Where I shop for Christmas Jammies:

  1. Shopbop
  2. Nordstrom
  3. American Eagle 
  4. J Crew
  5. Wildfox 
  6.  Victorias Secret
My Favorite Christmas Jammies:
love, becca

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