Hi Babes!

I’m Becca Robson!

Arizona Native, food enthusiast, holiday obsessed, party throwing, hopeless romantic, home body with a love for celebrating life and others.

I started this blog with hopes to inspire you all to live your most celebrated life!

I grew up in Phoenix, Arizona. We actually grew up in the house my dad and his family grew up in! That house holds so many special memories for me. It truly is where I think my love for cooking and entertaining began.

My mom, though she has a dislike for cooking and would rather not step foot into the kitchen, she sure knew/knows how to throw a party. From birthdays to holidays every occasion was celebrated to the nines, with so much passion and attention to detail I couldn’t get enough of it! Though my cooking skills developed a bit later, I think the joy of celebrating rubbed off on me early on, which has made me who I am today!

It’s my goal to bring all aspects of celebrating life from my home to yours.

Of course living my most celebrated life, isn’t limited to food and parties. To me, its much more than that! So it didn’t feel right to have a blog on cooking and entraining without all aspects that make me, well ME!

I have always had a love of fashion and beauty and more recently/ most important to me health/wellness. So I wanted to share it all with you!

Last, I have battled rheumatoid arthritis my whole life, which is a chronic inflammation disease. So you can definitely expect to find tons of information on fighting inflammation & anti inflammatory foods.

I hope you enjoy exploring the site!

To learn more about me, check out this post featuring 20 facts about me or follow along on Instagram.
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