4th of July Decor

Fourth & Festive!!

Partying like its 1776!! I have to set one thing straight and that was, sadly I had to google the year of Independence Day. I felt a little bit like a bad American but I will no longer forget and I know now….

Independence day: JULY 4th 1776!!

Any chance to decorate and be festive I am alllll for it, however sometimes I tend to go overboard and thats not always the best. Sometimes simple yet, beautiful decor goes along way and can shine the brightest. If you read my first of the “Stars, Stripes, and Sides” blog posts I shared why I went with more Gold tones verses the traditional red, white, and blue.

Independence day: JULY 4th 1776 decorating

4th of July Decor

I went pretty basic with the decor and I have to say I LOVED it. I felt like nothing overpowered one another; the food stuck out, the balloon numbers, the gold stars etc and it all came together beautifully if I say so myself haha.

preppy party decor

I bought a lot of the decor on Amazon and then got the balloons from a local home store.

Honestly, I really loved the little paper starbursts, and I decided to hang them from the Chandelier because it felt like the fireworks in the sky above us. I then draped stars all, over, and when you turned on the lights it lit up beautifully.

White and gold 4th of July Decor by Cooking With Confetti

Preppy 4th of July Decor by Cooking With Confetti

For the table decor I splurged on a few pieces I knew that I would have forever and couldn’t pass up on. The Ralph Lauren Bowl and the Ralph Lauren pitcher was a collab so the chances of them doing it again or it being the same isn’t always likely. They are such classics and I loved the vintage blue and white so I bought two of the pieces and I may end up getting the whole collection for other fun summer hosting.

I used the pitcher for flowers which I think is a fun element to do every once in awhile on a  table setting. Switch things up and keep it unexpected.

The serving spoons and linens are from Amazon and the blue in the linens matched perfectly with the blue in the RL star collection. With the RL vintage collection kind of my STAR ( wink wink) pieces I wanted everything else on the table to be simple, rustic and chic.

holiday side dishes

4th of July Decor by Cooking With Confetti

4th of July Decor by Cooking With Confetti

I would love to know what you end up doing for 4th of July or how you plan to decorate, so feel free to share it with me in the comments.

Below I’m going share the decor I got and then some other of my festive favorites.

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love, becca

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