Brie/Cheddar, Apple, Prosciutto, Fig Sliders

Brie/Cheddar Apple Prosciutto Fig Sliders

The fall season is well underway which means so is the football season. Game days are one of my favorite parts of the season, because it always brings people together over good food and good fun.

I don’t know what is better sometimes watching the game, or the game day spread. Because football falls in the fall lol I like to make treats that are warm, cozy and comforting but also inline with the game day feel.

Sliders or burgers are always a great game day treat because they are not only a crowd pleaser, they feed a lot of people.

I wanted to think of something sweet and savory for the dish and do something a little different than the typical “slider” this year and thats when I thought about combining two favorites, a popular bruschetta and slider combo.

Brie/Cheddar, Apple, Prosciutto, and Fig Sliders

sounds like a mouth full already lol


1 honeycrisp apple

1 jar of fig jam

2 packages of Kings Hawaiian Rolls

1 package of sliced cheddar cheese

1 thing of brie cheese

1 stick of butter

5 sprigs of thyme: thyme taken off the stem.

2 packages of prosciutto


Step 1:

Pre Heat Oven to 375

Step 2:

On a medium sized non stick baking sheet take your Hawaiian rolls out of the package and set them in two rows, side my side.

Step 3:

Using a good bread knife cut straight down the middle of the entire rolls, trying to keep them all stuck together.

Step 4:

Set the tops on the side then start assembling the sandwich.

Step 5:


layer 1:

Spread a dollop of fig jam crust to crust

layer 2:

One thin slice of apple

layer 3:

Pull apart a piece of the prosciutto and then pile it on top

layer 4:

A slice of brie cheese. I use brie cheese of one whole pack of Hawaiian rolls and then I use a half slice of cheddar for the second pack of Hawaiian rolls. So doesn’t matter the side but left side brie, and right side cheddar. Using two cheeses is nice for people who might prefer one over the other.

layer 5:

Place the top of the slides back on.

Step 6:

In a microwave save bowl add your stick of butter and thyme and then melt for 30 seconds. Brush the top of each slider with the melted butter mixture and try to get every slider evenly.

Step 7:

Take a piece of foil and loosely place it over the tray, place the tray in the oven an cook for 12 minutes. Open the oven and then remove the foil so you can cook the tops of the bread for another 3-5 minutes until slightly browned.

Step 8:

Take out of the oven and serve immediately

Step 9: ENJOY!!
Brie/Cheddar Apple Prosciutto Fig Sliders
Brie/Cheddar Apple Prosciutto Fig Sliders

love, becca

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