29 things Im looking forward to in my 29th year!

29 things I'm looking forward to in my 29th year

My Golden Year!!!

Before I get into what I am looking forward to in my 29th year, I wanted to back track and little and shed some perspective.

As the end of 2018 and the end of my 28th year ended very differently than I originally planned, I was determined to remain optimistic. However, it was only natural for my mind to think with a new year approaching… I’m kind of starting over but woahhh… like really starting over, I am not exactly where I thought I would be, relationship wise, career wise, etc. and to be honest, knowing I was so close to another year older and not having things I thought I was just about to have was at first a tough pill to swallow. However, as the days went on and time went on, I was seeing and feeling clearer.

Then the other night as I was 3 weeks away from my Golden birthday… (29 on the 29th)… I had somewhat of an epiphany. It hit me that maybe I really am exactly where I am supposed to be.

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29 things I’m looking forward to in my 29th year

Perhaps all along this happened at this time because I was approaching an amazing new chapter. Birthdays have always been very special to me. I LOVE celebrating and truly believe in celebrating all month long and heck this year I may celebrate ALL YEAR. But I couldn’t help but think this birthday was always going to be different as it was always going to be my golden birthday for a reason. To think that this all happened just before not only a new year, but also my GOLDEN birthday felt kind of crazy (in the best way). That moment gave me a feeling of excitement!

It’s my last year in my twenties and it’s time for me to grow for myself and do what I want to do and really follow through on things I may have put off. And I can’t think about my age or that “I’m getting older” in a negative way because that is the inevitable. I need to continue to embrace it like I always have even though it looks a little different. I’m just as excited as I was to get the things I have always wanted.

29 things Im looking forward to in my 29th year

I feel so lucky it happened in this point in my life.

I’ve grown so much and I have so much more growing to do. I am a true believer in everything happens for a reason and even when times are tough, it’s important to find the silver lining in things because I really believe that helps you move forward.

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This year is preparing me and getting me ready for all that I have ever wanted to be: a balanced person, a great mom, a great wife, an even better influencer, an even better friend, daughter, sister etc.

29 things Im looking forward to in my 29th year!

With the help of my encouraging amazing friends, I created a list of….

Becca Robson is celebrating her bday with her friends.

29 things I’m looking forward to in my 29th year in 2019

  1. Creating content
  2. Travel
  3. Becoming a dog mom to my fur babies (B&B): I will reveal the names when they come home!
  4. New beginnings
  5. Falling in love with myself
  6. Abs- I would like to see more stomach definition haha
  7. Time in the kitchen- can’t wait to cook and create more recipes
  8. Make my house a home- girl cave
  9. Host 4 parties this year
  10. Go on more bike rides
  11. Read a book a quarter
  12. Tidy up- I need to remember to put things away in their space
  13. Keep my car clean
  14. Clean out my closet more consistently and sell clothes
  15. More cardio
  16. Saying yes when I want to say no
  17. Get Netflix
  18. Try to save more $
  19. Pick up my phone less
  20. Challenge myself more- get out of my comfort zone a bit
  21. Don’t procrastinate
  22. White board sessions- I love brainstorm sessions and writing them clear on the board so I see them every week
  23. Plan ahead
  24. Girls weekend(s)
  25. Being the best aunt I can be
  26. Networking
  27. Worry less
  28. Being present
  29. Continue to be mindful

January has already been an amazing month so far that I am even more excited for what is ahead!! Happy Monday Babes, I hope you have the best week!


P.S:  Some quotes I am loving:

“Know that things don’t happen to you, they happen for you.”

“You are exactly where you are supposed to be.”



love, becca

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