20 Facts About Me, Becca Robson: Lets Get To Know Each Other

20 Facts About Me, Becca Robson of Cooking With Confetti: Lets Get To Know Each OtherMeet Becca Robson:

My Blog launch is getting closer that I can actually count down, on one hand, the days I have left!

I am getting so antsy and anxious to launch as this has been A LONG TIME coming! Three web developers, a couple road blocks, some procrastination, and a little hesitation later, I am more ready than ever to press the launch button!

Honestly, I think the timing is everything. So as my life and lifestyle were changing throughout the process of creating my blog, I grew more confident in what direction I wanted my blog to go. I’ve also been feeling more comfortable in simply the blogging world it in self.

With that, things started falling more into place and that is what makes moving forward with my blog exciting!

Lets Get To Know Each other: cooking with confetti

20 Facts About Me, Becca Robson: Lets Get To Know Each Other

20 Facts About Me: Becca Robson of Cooking With Confetti

  1. Born, raised and still residing in Phoenix, Arizona.
  2. I grew up in the same house my dad and his family grew up in and I absolutely loved that.
  3. Also, I was born with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis and was actually the first person diagnosed at birth with this disease.

    I’ll definitely share my RA story with you guys if you’re interested.

  4. Because of my RA when I was younger I had to wear a cast on both my legs at the same time for a period of time when I was 4. My left cast was hot pink and my right cast was lime green. I’m laughing as I type this because I don’t like hot pink or the color green now, but then I probably I thought I was so cool.
  5. I am 1 of 4 kids, and have 2 brothers and a sister.
  6. When I was younger I always wanted to be a marine biologist and study sharks. Now sharks scare me (FACEPALM, haha).
  7. I’m a homebody. Honestly I would always rather stay in.
  8. Also, I am obsessed with Hallmark Movies, all of them but especially the Christmas ones. (Which will bring me to my next fact.)
  9. I’m obsessed with Christmas. So I start listening to Christmas tunes October 31st.

    One month is just never enough.

  10. My favorite color is white. Some may say that’s not a color but it is to me.
  11. I consider myself a Coffee Connoisseur– the taste; the smell and the act of drinking coffee makes my day.
  12. Also, I love to throw parties and cook for my loved ones
  13. I’ve traveled to 5 of the 7 continents (leaving out Australia and Antarctica, which I hope to get to one day)
  14. Favorite type of food: Mexican
  15. But my Favorite Food: Pizza
  16. Salty or Sweet? BOTH (chocolate covered pretzels)
  17. I met my boyfriend Nathan the first month of my freshman year in high school and have called him my boyfriend ever since (14 years later the only boy I have ever called my boyfriend.)

    Love you Nathan!

  18. I’m a hopeless romantic.
  19. My closet is always a mess (not a fact I am proud of, and I work on it everyday) but a fact.
  20. I always have fresh flowers in my house.

Meet Becca Robson: 20 Facts

The 20 facts I shared above are ones I felt would help give you a little peak of what makes me uniquely Becca Robson! I cant wait to continue to share more facts and bits of me and my life throughout this blogging journey! Honestly I want my blog to be a place you come to feel inspired, happy, and motivated. Also I hope it’s a place for you to learn maybe something you didn’t know! That’s one thing I love about blogs is I always learn something new and everyone shares bits and pieces differently! I’m here to give you my take on things and simply share what I love, am inspired by and what I have learned and grown from in my past and for my future! Looking forward to connecting with all you babes!

Phoenix Lifestyle Blogger: Becca Robson

20 Facts About Me, Becca Robson: Lets Get To Know Each Other





love, becca

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  1. Okay, we are already obsessed with you! We can relate to SO many of the things you said, especially about Christmas. We can’t wait to follow along this journey of yours. Already so excited! Your site is gorgeous.

    xo, Katie & Lydia

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